Final Major Project

8.4.1 Reflective journal and final evaluation



The first thing I did during this week was reflect on the past units. I had to do this in around 100 words and because of that I found it quite difficult as I had to talk about all the skills I have learned and how I will use those skills in my FMP, I found myself constantly wanting to elaborate and explain myself more. I will be able to add more to my project proposal as I go along, as I will have to explain how I’ve used the skills I’ve learnt throughout the first units and how they have helped me with my project proposal.

For our FMP we have to create a front page and four pages of a magazine. For this I decided that I wanted to make two articles, spread across two pages this splitting the four pages into two pages each article. When I was thinking about what I would like to do I thought if I do something that I actually have an interest in, I will enjoy what I’m doing and it will be a fun experience, therefore my work will be of a better quality. So then I thought about my interests, which are things like home décor, reading, fashion and beauty etc.

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8.3.1 Annotated design screenshots and final product

The first thing I had to do before making the magazine front cover and two page spreads, was plan the design and sketch them out. This would make it easier for me later on when I work on the magazine in InDesign.

The first thing I planned out was my front cover,  I had two ideas for this. The first sketch is one that would be fitting for an indoor image, and the second would be fitting for one outside. I thought about indoor and outdoor images as it would add a little difference to the images I use if the front cover was one took outside, as the images used for the a ctual main feature, would all be taken indoors.

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8.2.1, 8.2.2 Research Portfolio


Moodboard 1: Vintage home décor

(click here to view moodboard) 

My magazine is going to be a lifestyle magazine, so the first idea i came up with for a double page spread was vintage home décor and how to transform your home into something inspired by vintage or retro.

When creating the moodboard I was looking for photo inspiration, like how I could take the images and what I would take them of, I’ll place a few images below.

When I was looking at these images, I kept in mind the things that I could photograph when I was at the place where I was taking them and found that I could indeed do something like the images above.

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