In an attempt to censor sensitive content to under 18s, YouTube have placed new “family friendly” restrictions on videos containing mature topics.

This meant that it would be easier for people whether it be parents or teachers to filter content that they feel may not be suitable to younger viewers.

However, it wasn’t long before people started realising that this meant that basically all LGBTQ+ content had become restricted.

In an outrage over social media, people soon started to voice their opinions, meaning that YouTube received a lot of backlash over this new feature.

In a bid to redeem themselves, YouTube released a statement saying “we are proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform”

They then went on to explain what the restricted mode does “The intention of restricted mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience”

Not happy with this explanation, there was more outrage throughout social media with people expressing their views an opinions.

Jade Dunn, 18, Youtube fan said “The idea that LGBTQ+ issues or stories are something that younger people or more sensitive people shouldn’t be watching is awful”

As seen over all types of media, the internet has truly changed the world. Social media platforms have a huge influence on how people act and make decisions.

Over the years YouTube has really taken off, so much so that is has given people jobs as ‘online creators’

Youtubers such as Tyler Oakley, Gigi Lazzarato, Troye Sivan, Ingrid Nilsen are all part of the LGBTQ+ community and are a huge voice to the youth of today.

Growing up with social media being a large presence in their lives, the younger generation understandably look up to any online presence, which will influence them.

Jade Dunn touched on this “when I first started watching YouTube when I was 13, the people who created videos talking about the LGBTQ+ community helped me to become who I am today”

Many people use social media platforms in order to educate themselves and others, so when YouTube took away something that potentially educates people, people were upset.

Not only does restricting this content take away the voice of all of those part of the community, it also restricts people from learning and understanding the community.

When discussing this, Jade Dunn said “By censoring and banning these stories they’re taking away peoples views and freedom to learn and grow as a person”

Though these are all factors as to why people were disappointed, the main thing was the fact that restricting this content made people feel as though their feelings, views, opinions and way of life were wrong.

Jade Dunn ended the interview with “It is making it as though being a part of the community is a bad thing, and is something that should not be out there”

Although people are upset with the fact that YouTube even had to come up with a restrict option and that is what the problem is, it is completely optional and you can choose to use it or not.