We all know that downloading films off of websites is illegal, but did you know that the same applies to books?

Reading is a popular hobby amongst many people but as some people may know due to money struggles, not everybody can buy a physical book.

Due to little money, or the fact that you can get something for free, people resort to downloading Epub books online, which appear to be free which technically they are, but this is in fact illegal.

By downloading an Epub copy of a book, you are breaching an infringement of copyright.

Unless the author themselves uploads the book online for you to download for free, you cannot do it without it being illegal.

Estelle Maskame, 19-year-old author from Scotland said “You cannot post an author’s work online. Do you own the rights to their work? No, you don’t. Breach of copyright”

You may think that by reading an author’s work, no matter how you get your hands on it, you are benefitting them but it actually doesn’t benefit them at all.

Touching on this, Estelle Maskame also said “don’t you realise authors make a living on their writing? If you want to read an author’s work, you have to pay for it”

Like everybody that works, authors get their money through people buying what they are selling, in this case it would be their book.

If you want to read a book, there are different alternatives, some where you don’t have to pay and others that are just cheaper.

Join a library

This doesn’t cost anything, and you can loan books for a certain amount of time, and return them when you are done.

If you can, purchase a kindle

This may be pricey at first, but in the long run will save you money. Book are generally cheaper on kindle and every so often free books will pop up and all classics are free!

Share and lend on kindle.

If you have a friend that has purchased a book, and they are fine with lending it to you, they can share books with you through kindle!


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Charity shops

You will find some great books in charity shops for a bargain price too.