Centre Name: The Sheffield College

Centre Number: 36510

Student Name: Abigail Akers

Student Number: 82821


Over the past 12 units I have acquired more of an understanding of the journalism industry. I have also acquired many skills and improved some that I had already. I have learnt how to use video editors and audio editors, something which I did not know how to operate before this course. Through this I have learnt how to use software such as iMovie and garageband. I have also learnt about the basic ins and outs of photography and how to edit images using photoshop. My analytical skills have also improved a lot and I have acquired basic interview skills.

Coming onto this course, I didn’t originally know what I wanted to do, but I did know that taking a journalistic pathway would be a good decision for me. Now that I have looked into into it more and exploring the different types of writing, I know that I would like to do something within publishing.

Project concept:

I will be producing a portfolio of work which will be presented in a digital website form. In order to produce my content, I will need a range of equipment. My phone for mobile journalism pieces such as photography and videos. I will also need equipment such as a zoom mike in order to record podcasts and software such as imovie, garage band and Photoshop in order to edit the content I produce.

Due to my project being based around teenage lifestyle, the sourcing for my content will more likely come from social media, as it is a large part of most teens daily life. The content will be based around what is current and what I believe is affecting teens daily life. In unit 10 I wrote about a lot of subjects involving teenagers and their voice. Here is a link to my unit 10 portfolio. In my FMP I will be writing more stories like this, but more based around teen interests and struggles etc. Throughout unit 12 I did constant research into how teenagers are represented in the media. Find this unit here.

I will use the feedback of peers and tutors (in production diary) in order to make sure that the pieces are publishable and live up to any journalistic laws, and suitable ethical standards. These are subjects that I learnt about in my first year of journalism.


Throughout my project, I will reflect on and evaluate my work continuously, using my production diary. I will be documenting any decision making, thoughts or feedback in the production diary, dating every single entry. In order to make sure that I am updating my diary continuously, I will be dedicating time every lesson to make sure that I have wrote in it, I will also set an alarm for when I am outside of college, so that I remember to record any decision making or thoughts that I have had throughout the day.

To help with making this process easier, I will be making notes in my phone notes for on the go, and then updating the diary when I get to a desktop. I will also be downloading the WordPress app to my phone so that no matter where I am, I can easily add notes to the diary and write it up properly later on.

I will conduct a final focus group when all my work is done in order to see whether or not I reached my target audience.

Action Plan & Timetable:

Being given a time scale of around 12 weeks to create content and a website to publish that content, I know that the most of the 12 weeks will be dedicated to that, but I will need to find time for other aspects of the project too. For the first week or two, I will have to dedicate my time solely to research and planning alone, so that I can come up with solid ideas and sources. Once I have my ideas, I want to dedicate the majority of my time creating and publishing my work, but this time will also be shared with updating my production diary regularly, research and receiving feedback from my peers and tutors. Research will be ongoing throughout the project, so there will not be a set amount of time dedicated to it as every time I come up with ideas, I will have to research into them. I will dedicate time spent outside of college to gathering my content and producing it, so that it can be edited and published whilst at college. I will update my bibliography whenever I find a new source.

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