In order to keep a track of the weeks ahead, and what work I need to do, I created a timetable for my action plan. The headings include, Date, Activity and Resources used. This will help so that I know what I set out to do for the week, and will also help me to keep up with what resources I have been using.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.22.04.png

I produced a content checklist in my notebook that I entirely dedication to the FMP so that I can tick off when i’ve done each piece of required content. This will help me as I won’t get mixed up thinking about what I have and haven’t done and if I do, I will just be able to go back to that page.

As I have created sites before, I have decided that I will be making my site on wordpress through this is tap. I have use regular wordpress and muse, and I feel as though this is the best option for me as I know how to use it and after all the customising etc, it is finished with a really professional look.

new doc 2017-03-27 13.19.22_1

Once my planning and organisation was done, I needed to start thinking of ideas for my features. So in order to do this, I produced a brainstorm of ideas. This was really helpful as I was able to come up with multiple ideas in order to get thinking about what stories would be publishable. It made me think about if the stories will reach my target audience and if they would actually want to read them.


In a past project, I had a behind the scenes at city hall pantomime feature but when I received feedback on the feature, people wanted more from it, such as a video that shows more than I can write about. Thinking about this and the fact that I enjoyed working with and interviewing the people down at manor operatic society, I thought that I could get in touch with them again and maybe do a promo video, promoting their latest show and interview people, making it a mobile package. This way I will be working with the feedback of my target audience and hopefully produce something that they will enjoy. I will get feedback from tutors and see what they think about they idea as until I get feedback, I won’t be able to progress on the idea much more.

Over the weekend, I found out that Youtubers were going offline for 24hrs, Sunday night at 6pm. Initially, I didn’t know anything about the topic, but after researching into it, I have found that there is a possibility that I could make a feature out of it. Most ‘fans’ of these YouTubers seemed as though they didn’t agree with the movement, which was for charity, so I looked more into it and the project was in order to try and raise awareness for red nose day/comic relief. I have found the angle for which I want my feature to come from, I have contacted the comic relief press office over twitter to see if they would be willing for an interview and they replied asking to be contacted via email, to which I am now waiting on a reply. The Research I have conducted is reliable, as it comes from the youtubers themselves and the organisation, but may also be a little bias so it is good that I researched how others felt about the movement to cover from both view points.

new doc 2017-03-27 13.44.12_1


contact details: for comic relief interview

Twitter: @ComicReliefNews

Email: media@comicrelief.com

Looking at my emails from the day before, I found that there would be nobody from the comic relief press office available for an interview, so I now have to find somebody else. Since the original interview has fallen through, if I don’t find somebody else I will not be able to complete the feature. I have been thinking about contacting any youtubers or other people that are linked with comic relief.

When it came to creating the actual site where my work would be presented, I knew that I would have a lot of things to think about and a lot of things to do throughout doing it. firstly, I had to think of a definite name. From a previous unit, I created a test site and I called it ‘Voice’ I thought about using this again because I really like the fact that behind news stories and my content, their is a voice behind it. I also like that with my target audience being mostly teenagers, that it would show that teenagers can have a voice and it can be taken seriously.

creating sitecreating site scWhilst I was looking through twitter, I found an article that will maybe influence and idea in the future. This seems like a good idea for an article, as with my theme being “teen lifestyle” lots of teenagers sadly go through bullying, and it may be good to write about something like that to show they’re not alone and help is available.



Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.25.21.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.27.19.png

I created a filing system so that it would be easier to keep all my work would be safe and easier to find. This way when I’m looking for a certain piece of work, I wont be looking for long, which means that I won’t have the time to loose my focus and become stressed.

Website development

*insert powerpoint*


Scrolling through my twitter feed a came across a few tweets by an author who addresses the situation of illegally downloading epub books online.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.25.20

Interview contact details: @EstelleMaskame on twitter.

I thought that this situation would make a good feature as it fits in with teenagers struggle with money.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 14.07.49.png

I contacted the author as being that she has already expressed her opinions on this topic in her tweets, I feel as though she will be a good and relevant person to interview regarding the issue of people illegally downloading epub books.


To go with the research on copyright infringement, I researched into how copyright protects your work and how you are not allowed to post somebodies work online without their permission, so that when I am writing the article, I know that the facts I am stating are correct.

Going back to my comic relief article, I was unable to find many people that would be good for an interview, but I found a school that took part in the campaign, so I have sent an email in order to get their view and opinion of the whole situation. If this interview falls through, I will have to scrap this feature.



As my project is based around teen lifestyle, and online ‘issues’ I write about subjects that the online community of teenagers are talking the most about. This week, there has been a lot of talk around the subject of YouTube content become ‘restricted’ if it contains anything involving the LGBTQ+ community. I thought this would make a good feature as a lot of teenagers look up to and rely on people with an online presence, so restricting this content may cause many problems, such as people not knowing how to identify themselves, not educating people and not showing people that it is ok to be who they are.


After researching about this situation on twitter, I found some of these tweets from a youtuber. This shows the angle of my feature. I need to look into people to interview, this youtuber being a possible person to interview, if when I contact her she gets back to me.

Discussing ideas for my content, I got a lot of tutor feedback. I talked about what I want my website to be, and what soft of things I want to have for content, ‘student struggles’ as such. Talking about my plans really helped as I expanded on my ideas, and where I was struggling for ideas on who to interview, my tutor gave me some guidance and ideas.

I also spent a lot of the afternoon researching into feminism and mental health in teens. This helped me gather a more clearer view on what I am writing about with those two features.


After getting tutor feedback on Wednesday, I discussed my illegal downloading of epub books feature idea and the fact that I was finding it hard when I got in touch with authors for a possible interview, because a lot of them were not getting back to me due to business or my tweets getting lost in a lot of other tweets from fans of the authors. I then discusses maybe just quoting the authors tweets that I used in my research, as she basically says what she would probably respond to my questions with. I had to ask about this because I didn’t know if I was just allowed to take a quote without permission, but as she publicly tweeted them, it is allowed.

I conducted more research on my illegal download of ebooks, so that I could start planning my feature out more in full. After I was done with my research, I started writing an outline plan for my feature so that I didn’t miss out any points that I wanted to include in the feature itself.


Thinking about my project and content that I need to produce, I noticed that there are a lot of little things that I need to do and my thoughts were all jumbled up together. To solve this I wrote a quick ‘to do list’ so that I can monitor what I need to complete over the next week.

new doc 2017-03-27 17.14.31_1


As the research I have been doing has been very mixed, I have been finding it hard to keep up with what features I have researched for and what features I haven’t done much for. Because of this I have found myself being a little unorganised, so I have decided to just work on one feature at a time, todays being Illegal downloads of ebooks. I have collected all of my research and put it into my research powerpoint.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After gathering all of my research for my Ebook, mental health awareness and feminism articles, I got feedback from one of my tutors regarding my youtube #Redout article idea, and I brought up the fact that I maybe would need to drop that idea, as I was finding it hard to find someone who was willing for an interview, and the fact that it happened a while back was making the idea more and more less relevant. My tutor agreed and I am no longer working on that Idea.

Conducting research for each of my features will benefit my project because I will be producing content with the knowledge I need instead of going in blind and maybe writing from the wrong angle or stating facts that are not true.


Today I worked some more on my YouTube restricting LGBTQ+ content and youtube, I came up with my question and found somebody to interview. For this feature I just had one simple question as I would base my article around this viewpoint and i will also be explaining the situation more than giving somebody view on it. Due to this, I just asked “what do you think about youtube restricting LGBTQ+ content?” This allowed the person I was interviewing to talk for as long as they wanted and shed light on all situations that they felt need to, as the question isn’t exactly limiting.

Interview Contact details: Jade Dunn on facebook/face to face

I also came up with questions for my mental health awareness in teens feature, as I had already found a possible interview candidate, this being Sheffield Flourish. (@shefFlourish on twitter)

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 14.07.26.png

This was the tweet that I sent out to them, they replied almost straight away with a twitter direct message.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.22.02.png

After I had received this interview, I got on with the email straight away, which meant I needed to think of my questions.


After I had the questions, I sent my email to which I am now awaiting a reply.


When it comes to creating my website, I want to have a header so that when people come to my website, they can instantly recognise it as mine. Today I spent some time researching for free vector images, so that I could use them in my designs. Vector images are images that are available for reuse without having to give the creator any credit. Once I had found some designs through the vectors, I opened up canvas and started creating my headers there. Later on after I had reopened the images to evaluate for my production diary, I found that they become blurry once you stretch them, so this was something that I needed to remember for when I decide on a theme and choose my final header image for my website.

After talking with my tutor, I was advised to look back at my project proposal and update my concept, where I briefly mention skills I would use throughout this project from what I have learnt throughout the whole course. In my project concept, I mentioned that I would be writing content on what I based my previous work on, such as mental health and raising awareness to how teens are represented etc. In order to show that I had done this, I had to link various pieces of work. I also linked the work that I did on journalistic laws due to the fact that I mentioned I would be checking to confirm that my work lives up to them.


Sheffield Flourish replied to to my email with my questions. Due to my questions involving the subject of teenagers, they replied saying that they don’t actually aim their work at teenagers, but they’re more than happy to answer my questions. They also mentioned that the replies will be slow due to moving offices but they will be replying. Due to my interview having questions about teenagers, they also recommended another organisation called Chillypep, that works directly with younger people, so I will be looking into this and sending out and email.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.05.05


Today I spent a few hours evaluating the headers I had created, so that I could include the process in my production diary.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I had finished evaluating my possible headers, I decided on one that I would like to definitely use. The one I wanted to use was the last one that I created, as I felt like it reflected the name of my website better than any of the others. Due to the header not being the average size of many website headers, I had to recreate it using canva. I decided on 1230px x 400px as this was the average size, and also close to the size of most wordpress themes that I had been exploring advised. To create my header, I just had to insert all of the graphics/ images that I already had in my uploads on the site. such as the hand drawn lines, paint brush strokes and the background geometrical design. The geometric design took the most work, as i had to size it up correctly and change the filter in order to make it fit in with my colour scheme. I did this by setting the transparency to 57 and the filter tint to -50.

After I had finished editing the header together, this was the finished product.


Once I had my header graphics, I had to find a wordpress theme that i would definitely want to use, as when I have my content, I will need somewhere for it to go straight away so that it isn’t waiting to be uploaded. I ended up deciding on the theme nikkon, as it is a highly customizable theme, which is something I feel that my website would need.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.45.30.png

Once I had chosen my theme, the first thing I did was upload my header, this is what it looked like on the website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.47.17.png

The next thing I wanted to test was uploading content, and how that would work. To test this I uploaded two ‘fake’ posts. My theme includes a slider, where you get a preview of the post through the home screen. in order to make the posts seen on the slider, you have to put them into the category. I also needed a code from the post ID, so that the post would actually appear in the slider.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 13.52.33Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 13.51.47Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 13.51.30

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 13.51.16

Once that I had sorted the slider out, I uploaded my posts to the slider, so I could see how it would look. without an image linked to the slider, it looked a little blank, so I just added a quick screenshot image that I had taken earlier, which made it a little better. Although i really liked the idea of a slider, when I hovered over the posts, it didn’t let me click and take me to whatever post was showing. To solve this, I went to customise, slider options and it came up with a box saying “link slide to post” so I just clicked on that and it now works.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.51.57.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 13.52.06


Today I dedicated some time to updating my production diary, as I had found that when I opened it, I had left some things in note form due to being busy with production, so I quickly just updated it in more detail.

When writing up my illegal downloading of epub books online, I got stuck with how to start it. I did write an introduction out but after getting feedback from my tutor, we decided we needed something before it. I felt as though I jumped into the feature too quickly, and there was nothing to pull the reader in. The feature also seemed as though it was just about reading as a hobby, but I was writing about a real issue. So I had to think of something that the readers would relate to and maybe make them want to read the feature. I ended up bringing up the fact that people illegally download films, as it is a lot more common.


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 13.55.16.png


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.09.35.png

Once I had got the basis of my feature written, I knew that there was going to be some words that I need to make up, which I was already planning for. I decided to include a list of ways to read books on a cheaper budget, or for free. This meant that it would be a very helpful list to have for the reader and would be informative at the same time.


When looking back on all my researched, I realised the most f my research come from online or from interviews with people. Thinking about this, I wanted to find different types/sources for research so I took myself to the library where I looked at books. I looked at books to do with mental health as I know from previous projects that there is a lot of helpful things in these books.

“It is not easy living with mental illness, let alone coping with stigmas. People can be intentionally or unintentionally cruel or say irrationality thins. Coping with these factors will undoubtedly raise stress levels. Understanding stress is therefore a vital part of mental health education. Yet, it is an often neglected area” – Understanding mental illness.

Doing this research will not only benefit my FMP because it shows that I am capable of different types of research, it will also help me with sources when it comes to writing my mental health awareness feature.


Today I wrote a large part of my LGBTQ+ content restrict feature. Starting off, I was stuck on how to start the feature off, so I did some more research looking at articles and peoples views on twitter, and that helped to start me off. Doing this extra research also helped because it showed me that in order to make this a trusted article, I would have to state facts and include statements etc.  I also went through my interview question and underlined some of the text, so I was aware of what parts I definitely wanted to include in the feature.

As mentioned before, I included a listicle with my ebook feature. To make sure that this was ok, I received feedback from my tutor and she said that it was fine and a good addition to the feature. I also talked with my tutor about photojournalism, as I had no ideas for what to do and she said that if I couldn’t get any photojournalism, I could replace it with another feature or another podcast.

Today I also planned and wrote down questions to ask for both of my mobile journalism packages, as I would be recording these of the two week Easter holidays.


Today I received feedback about my design aspect of my website. Looking at my graphics my tutor said that it looks great but there are some things that are hard to understand. For example, the ‘sound waves’ didn’t look a lot like sound waves, which I already knew, because I had tried the design with actual sound waves and it didn’t look right, so I scraped that idea. Another thing that he mentioned was that the graphics looked really big on the page, and I explained that that is something that I cannot change, it is what comes with the word press theme.

I also received answers back from my mental health awareness interview with Sheffield Flourish.

Screenshot 2017-04-12 at 10.18.28 AM.png


After having a little break during time off, I spent today looking over my production diary and updating any bits that needed updating. I also started planning my mental health awareness in more detail, and decided on writing it like a “interview with sheffield flourish” type thing.


With the week coming up to where I would be recording my mobile journalism pieces, I decided to create a storyboard for each video. This would help and benefit my FMP as I will have a outline of what I want to capture for each video to be the best that they can.


This storyboard is for the HUSH band headlining the leadmill gig. For this video I wanted to make it as a PR vid, which promotes the band and show their first headline gig as a band. The first section shows the band sat down for an interview, answering the “how does it feel to play the leadmill” question, I felt that this would be a good opening clip to introduce the video, and then transitioning into them playing on stage would give a quick insight into what the video contains, before transitioning into a black screen with the bands name. The next clip would then be a longer clip of the band playing, to show more of what type of music they make. The next two sections show the band on screen, this will be where most of the interview is found, before transitioning to a final clip of the band playing. The very final clip would be some promo for the band, showing their upcoming tour dates.


This next storyboard is based on the behind the scenes video for Manor operatic singin’ in the rain. This is going to be more of a ‘get to know’ the director and the work that goes into the productions behind the scenes. Like I have said before, I previously wrote a behind the scenes article and feedback said they would like video, so I am listening to that feedback and creating a video. For the first clip, I had an idea to record the poster outside of city hall in Sheffield, and either zoom into the video and go straight into a transition clip into clips of the cast dancing, or just a ripple effect for the transition. The clip after that will be a clip of the producer speaking. The next clip will then show the choreographer in action


As hush playing the leadmill event is tonight, to prepare for how I will edit the video, I decided to watch some professional concert videos to look at their ways of recording.


Yesterday was the day of the HUSH band event, and although I got a lot of footage of the band playing onstage it didn’t exactly go completely as I had planned.  I faced a lot of problems throughout the night, the main one being, not being able to get in touch with the band. As suspected, the night for the band was very hectic and it was hard to find them when they had free time, and they weren’t on their phones much throughout the day/night. I did plan on doing the interview as soon as I got to the venue, before they played, but something came up and the band had to deal with it before going on stage, so they didn’t have the time. I then managed to get in touch with them and we rearranged the interview for afterwards. during the set I also faced a big problem with things like lighting. Even with my camera flash on, the content I shot still wasn’t showing up too well on camera, but I hope to brighten it up when editing it in imovie. People were also a problem, which I knew was going to be a thing from the start. At the begining of the set I was at the back of the crowd, but I knew I would want to get close up shots, so I managed to get to the front but the shots were now from a side angle, which I can work with, it is just a little unfortunate.

Once the set was over I did try to get time with the band, but again, natural situations took over and they got hectic with getting their equipment out of the green room, and meeting with the supporters etc. I do think the band would of been willing to still do the interview, but as it was the leadmill and I am not yet 18, I had to leave the venue once it got to 11pm.

Due to this, I didn’t get any interview footage but I have since contacted the drummer of the band and they said, completely depending on their schedule (they go on tour soon)  they would be able to reschedule, and if not, they are more than happy to answer my questions through messages, emails etc.


As the event recording didn’t go completely to plan, today I decided to create a new storyboard to show how I would change the video and edit it together to still include parts of the interview etc. This was really helpful to create as it put the panic at ease of potentially not being able to get the interview in video form.



Today I took a picture to go with my illegal downloading of ebooks feature. This just consisted of different book formats. Such as physical books, kindle, audio book and kindle app feature on a phone.


Finished the complete LGBTQ+ feature and uploaded it to my website. I used a stock image of a rainbow flag, which is used to symbolise the LGBTQ+ community. When doing this, I had to make sure that the image was labelled for reuse.


Today I had a proper read through of the answers to my mental health awareness interview answers, so that I have more background and a clearer idea of how I will go about writing the feature. I also picked out pieces of the interview that I would like to quote in my feature. I did this by printing out the answers to my interview and highlighting, this because I find it easier to work on paper than to flick in between tabs.

I also made an infrographic to go with this feature.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 22.51.25.png

I used the colour grey and then the colour blue, which is a colour that is used in association with mental health. The ones in blue symbolise the ‘one in ..’ I then used 3 circles to represent 3 children in every classroom.


I thought about starting research for another feature, but when I thought about it, I thought it would be a better idea to get the mental health awareness feature written up so that when I come to writing my final article, I will have enough time just to focus on that rather than be in progress with multiple ones.

At first I had to write up my feature on aper due to not having access to a computer, so I wrote it up in my notebook to later write up on the computer when I had the chance. I decided to write my feature up as more as a review from the interview I did with sheffield flourish, as i was mostly quoting what they said throughout the interview. One thing I wanted to do was make sure that at the end, I offered places to go in order to et help. This because I have seen before that when I have read about a serious topic, there are often segments that say “if you have experiences this please contact…” etc so I wanted to keep my feature professional and offer solutions to problems as such.


Today I thought more about the tampon tax story idea, and I will need to do research in the future to see if it is a continuous topic as I don’t want to write about something that is not currently been talked about.


Today I went to record some content for my second video idea. The idea for this video is to give people more insight as to what happens behind the scenes at Manor operatic society, as I have said before, when I wrote a feature on them, people wanted a video for visuals, so I am using audience feedback to do that. I recorded different clips showing the cast rehearsing their routines and some of the choreographer showing the cast what to do.


After not being able to get the interview with HUSH band at the event, I had been waiting for the drummer to get back to me in order to rearrange the interview, but I hadn’t heard anything in a couple of days so i decided to contact them again to see if we could either rearrange the interview or have to do it over email/ skype.


Even though I still had bits missing with both of the videos, I wanted to get on top of editing so I started to edit clips together so that I can just add in extra clips in later.

I was using imovie to edit these videos, which I have used before so I had a vague idea on how to use the software, but it took me a little while to get back to using it again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After I sent another email out to the drummer of the band, I received an email that meeting up might not be possible due to them going on tour very soon, so we set up a skype call to do the interview. I wrote down the answers as he talked. The answers were a little short, though the interview seemed a little rushed to them getting on the road I still tried to ask more questions to get more information.

contact details: HUSH band page on facebook, then personal skype.


Today I went back to manor operatics to try and do the interview, but due to the show being in a week and half, the producer was very busy. Because of this, we decided to do the interview at the city hall, as it will add to the feel if I was to have the stage as a background shot.


I have seen around a lot that people are talking about the show “13 reasons why” and have decided that I would really like to discuss some of the topics i have seen been talked about. So in order to do this, I will be making this into a podcast.

I have started planning what I will be talking about on paper in my notebook. I will be discussing topics with fans of the show. I will mainly be talking about the controversy and why some people love it, and others don’t particularly like it. I will be looking to record this podcast within the next two weeks.


As manor operatics are at city hall for the next week, I went down today to help with setting up and whilst doing that, I got some shots of the stage and the crew setting up etc.


Today I completed the HUSH at leadmill video and wrote the 70 word feature to go with it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 20.38.54.png


spent the day thinking about a final feature to write, something that was recent and something that I am interested in. Recently, fidget spinners have been a huge craze, and there have been a lot of conflicting thoughts and opinions surrounding them, and I would like to write something on it exploring the different opinions. I would also talk about the serious reason that people would use these fidget spinners.


Whist I was out at work, I was looking around and saw that a large amount of people were using fidget spinners, and as I had the idea of doing an article on that recently, It made me think on developing the idea more. This helped because it helped me to think of an idea for an interview. I ended up thinking that I could just enter a social setting and see if people are using them, if there are a large sum of people, I should just do a vox pop type interview and ask either why they use the fidget spinner and what their views are on the controversy currently in the media.


As I am working backstage at the city hall, I asked permission to record some backstage shots of manor operatics on stage. I mostly did this for the audio side of things, so that I could use the singing audio in the background of my video, with permission.


Today was my last chance to get an interview with the producer at manor operatics, so I tried chasing up the interview, but due to unforeseeable circumstances, the interview was no longer able to go ahead. Although my initial reaction to this was to panic, I knew that I had to do something to save my video idea, as I had put so much thought, work, and time into it. This caused me to think that there are a lot of people involved behind the scenes, such as wardrobe, stage crew, props etc. After thinking about this, I went asking around to see if anybody would be available for an interview. I set my heart on the wardrobe mistress mostly, as costumes are a big part of any show, and something that many people look forward to seeing/something they take great interest in. I had to do this in a formal manor, so I went for a walk around the venue where I found the wardrobe mistress. When asking her, I explained my project, how the interview will be done, what type of things I may ask and I also made sure that they would be willing to be recorded, to which the answer was yes.

Though I didn’t plan on changing who I interview, I quickly managed it to make it completely fit what I was doing, and I ended up being pleased with the outcome. I had my storyboard that I had created prior to the event and I guided myself from there. When setting up the interview, we had to find a quiet place due to the cast and crew clearing out the city hall. We then ended up doing the interview and filing in a dressing room, which I found very fitting and really went with the “backstage” vibe. I then made sure to position myself directly across from the interviewee and set up my phone camera on a tripod so that only the interviewee was in shot but so that they were not facing the camera, something that I learnt in a previous unit as the rules of journalism.

Contact details: approached face to face. (Lynn Jackson) wardrobe mistress.


Today I got on with editing my behind the scenes video. I downloaded all the clips I had recorded over time from my phone and imported them into imovie. I then ran through all of the clips to see which ones came out best and which would be the best to use. I clipped them and put them onto the timeline.

Now I have all of the clips together that I want to use, it will be easier to edit them together and make the video as best quality as I can when it comes to finishing it off later.


Today I completed the editing of my behind the scenes video. Overall, this was a really fun video to edit and there were not many problems that came up, due to me knowing how to deal and go about things from editing another video prior to this one. For this video, I wanted to show the transition process from the cast rehearsing, to the cast performing. To achieve this, I recorded the two same songs, both in rehearsal time and both on stage. To split the two and show the difference, I recorded and included a clip of the stage, to show that in a certain point of the video that they were now at the theatre. People would also realise the difference due to costumes etc. When editing, I realised that I needed to be careful about how I was transitioning the clips, this because nearly all of them had music and singing in them, so quick and sudden transitions would make the video look less professional and poorly edited. To solve this I would either just include one transition clip and extend it, or fade out the music gradually.

The only problem I really faced during this editing process was my interview clips being a little blurry. although I think this is just due to the fact that I had to be sent the clips from another device and download them, so that makes the quality less good. This problem should be easily solved when I have direct access to the device I filmed the clips on and import them to my laptop through the lead.


To go with my video that I finished editing yesterday, I need a 70 word feature. In this feature I wrote about the show that they have recently done, when they started rehearsing, quoted something from the interview I did and said what upcoming shows they have and when they start rehearsing for them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 19.46.31

I also carried out research before writing up my fidget spinner feature.

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Today I fully planned my podcast in order to record it tomorrow. I decided in the end to record the podcast with a friend that is a big fan of 13 reasons why, but also is one that can discuss the controversy that has been going on across the media. I felt having it as though two friends were chatting would make the vibe more casual and as though the viewers were getting in on the conversation, which would hopefully make them want to express their views and opinions in the comment section.

When planning the podcast, I did a mind map type thing, to cover the topics that I would like to mention, which I later shared with the other person I was recording the podcast with, just in case she wanted to add anything else. This outline would not be strictly kept to, but it would just be there in order to give us inspiration if we ever got stuck with things to talk about.


recorded podcast

I found the recording process off the podcast a little stressful at first, due to stopping and starting when I jumbled up words, mostly due to nerves. I knew that this was down to just having to introduce the podcast, and once I had just got talking about the TV show, it would come more naturally, which it did. At the start of the podcast, I made sure to introduce what it was that we were talking about. I also gave a brief overview of what the show is about, just incase a listener had not watched, but still wanted to listen to the podcast.

One problem I seemed to keep facing was the audio overlapping. When I was recording the podcast, I was recording straight through garageband which I had never done before, so I kept slipping up and didn’t necessarily know how to solve the issue. I ended up searching for solutions, but the version on my laptop was a old version of garageband, which there didn’t seem to be many manuals with tips in anymore. Because of this I ended up deleting those recordings and started again fresh.

One thing that was constantly on my mind was not wanting to sound scripted, but with having points that we wanted to get across, it may of seemed that way. Though I did try my hardest to overcome this, by just talking directly to my friend whilst recording.

When I was recording, I had to make sure that their were no effects, as when you open up garageband, there are affects which made the audio sound like it had an echo. TO do this I just selected ‘no effects’ that you could find in the panel to the right.  Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 21.40.19.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 19.59.07.png

edited podcast 

Once I had finished the recording part of the podcast, I got straight to editing it. I knew that there wouldn’t be much editing to do, I would just have to get rid of the clicks of the mouse where I had ended certain parts of recording due to stumbling or just not having anything to say.

When it came to editing, I had the same problem that I had during recording, because of the version of garageband that I had on my laptop, I wasn’t able to find a guide on how to use it and edit etc. One thing that was a big frustration was that I had recorded the podcast in a voice option, instead of the podcast option, as I didn’t originally see it. The podcast option offered more options when editing. In the end, I ended up just having to drag one clip to another, so that they joint up in the right places and didn’t jump or have any gaps.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 21.40.04.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 21.48.32.png

Once I had done editing my podcast, I now had to make a thumbnail for the video. I knew that you cannot just upload audio straight to youtube, so I had to make an image that would just remain on the screen whilst the podcast ran through. The first step was taking an image to use. For this, I opened up Netflix, 13 reasons why and took a picture when the opening credits came on screen.

I then went to canva, where I make most of my graphics. I chose the Youtube Channel Art options and a theme called Kombi Bros.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.12.30.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.13.55.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.14.06.png

I then simply changed the background image and text to the title of my podcast, and it was done.

When I had gotten my thumbnail, I now had to put the audio into video. To do this I opened Imovie, selected new movie and named it 13 Reasons Why Podcast.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 00.03.24.png

When it came to importing content, I just went to the garageband option and that is where I found my podcast audio.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 00.06.17.png

I dragged this audio in full to the bottom of the timeline, as it was already fully edited. I then imported the thumbnail image I had made earlier and extended it so that it covered the whole of the audio, so that there was something on the screen the whole time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 00.06.09.png

Upload to youTube

Now that all of my videos and podcasts were recorded and edited, it was time to upload them to youtube. To do this, I tried going straight through imovie.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.32.51.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.32.38.pngTo do this I went into my theatre, selected the video and pressed share. This then brought up a few options, and I clicked Youtube. This then brought up another box, confirming the upload and options to change the quality etc. Once I had checked everything was fine, I clicked next and then upload. Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.34.08.png

When I realised that this way wasn’t working, I saved all of the videos as a file. I theScreen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.59.19.pngn opened youtube in my browser, selected the upload option and drag and dropped the videos into youtube myself where they processed and then uploaded.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.52.26.png


Originally, I had an idea to upload all of my content in a two week time span, before the deadline. This was going to include two types of “features” like a magazine. One upload would include 2 features and a video and podcast then another upload would include 2 features, a video and a photojournalism piece. Due to time crunch and interviews not going through etc, this messed up my time schedule which meant that pieces weren’t finished in time to carry through with this idea. So for now, I have just had to upload all the content I have so far, and upload the two pieces I have left to upload once they are complete.


Today I was going into a setting where I knew there would be a lot of children, and some adults with fidget spinners, so this is where I planned to do my vox pop type interview.

I interviewed a few people, asking what they used their fidget spinners for and i got answers such as “for fun, to help with my anxiety, to help me quit smoking etc. But I then came across a great interview opportunity. When interviewing people, there was somebody who has autism, whilst it wasn’t possible to interview him due to the circumstance, it was possible to interview his mother.

Contact Details: approached face to face

Samantha Harrison-Akers (sat down face to face, noted down- used)

Aaron Dykes (recorded on phone- not used)

Rhianna cutforth (recorded on phone- not used)

For this interview, i had to come up with more than one question, which was what do you use the fidget spinner for. I ended up just coming up with the questions once I was finished answering another, but the first question remained the same. As i mentioned earlier, I did get more than this one interview, but I felt as though this would be more beneficial and something that would shape a good story.

I also took this picture today, all of the fidget spinners that people were using, as I felt that it would be a good image to include with the feature.



Today I wrote up the fidget spinner feature. My angle for this feature was to try and battle the stigma that is attached to the gadget, which I do feel like I did. I did talk about the positives of fidget spinners but I also talked about the negatives, making sure that it was a balances story.

Once I had finished the feature, I uploaded it to my website and added the image I took yesterday as the feature image.


All content completely uploaded: website link https://voice.thisistap.com/


Today I created a survey on my website for people to fill in. I made this survey on survey monkey so that I would be able to use the link to reach a larger amount of people. In the survey, I included questions about the person doing the survey and then ones about what they thought about my website and content. Getting audience feedback will benefit my FMP as it will provide me with information on areas where I would need to improve if I was to do this again and will also show where my strong points are.


Today I edited a lot of my website. Looking at it I realised that I didn’t like a lot of things about it. I realised that it was really hard to navigate, and the only way to find content would be through the slider, as nothing else appeared on the home page due to it being a static page. To solve this, i went to the admin page of my site and went to customise. I then clicked on static front page and changed the setting from ‘A static page’ to ‘Your latest posts. This meant that all my posts would appear in a timeline on the front page, as well as in the slider. Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 20.32.40.png






The next thing I wasn’t happy with was the slider itself. I liked the idea of it acting as a slideshow of all the recent posts on the site, something that could be changed and updated over time. The thing I didn’t like was that the text on the posts would show over the images, and it would become a little overwhelming, so I decided on having no titles over the images. To do this I went to customise, slider options and ticked the ‘remove slider title’ option. Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 20.37.47.png



The Final thing that I needed to change with my website was the menus. Originally at the top of the screen, my menu only had a ‘home’ option, which made the website a little harder to navigate. To add more options, I went to the admin page, appearance, menus and then inserted the different categories into a menu. Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 18.02.02.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-01 at 20.41.09.png








This now meant that my slider was more clear, I had different menu options and my content appeared on my front page.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 20.43.51.png


After my survey being open for 4 days, I decided to now collect all of the feedback that I had received.  In order to gather feedback, I shared my website and survey link on social media such as Facebook and twitter.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 19.28.48

The first thing I asked was the persons age. From the answers I can see that most people were 17-19 years of age. This shows that they took initial interest in the website itself in order to see the link and click on it to see more. This is a positive as these people are well within my target audience age.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 19.45.17

The next question I asked was where the people taking the survey typically get their news from. I asked this question so that if I was to share my features etc, I would know where to share them to in order for them to reach a large audience, in this case it would be through twitter.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 19.52.51

Although my target audience is 16-25 year olds, I wouldn’t want it to be limited to just that age group, so I wanted to make sure that the content and website itself would seem interesting to people of any age and people with all kinds of different interests. Most people said yes, some said maybe and no wasn’t an answer. This was a question where I wanted more than a yes or no answer, so I included a box where people could tell my why they thought this. These answers included things like, the content was different in many ways and there would be at least one feature/video/podcast that would appeal to somebody.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.03.42.png

It was important for me to design a website that was gender neutral, so that people of all genders would feel as though they could view and follow the site. In the media, colours and fonts all play a part in targeting an audience, so I needed to use neutral colours and no curvy or bold fonts. The feedback showed that I had achieved this.

Out of all of the feedback, here are some of the comments explaining why people feel as though the website is gender neutral.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.10.16.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.12.54

The next thing I asked was if the website was easy to navigate. This was important so that people would be able to find their way around and know how to get to the different pieces of content. Luckily, people found it really easy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.24.44.png

Most of the comments stated that the design was simple, which was something I was aiming for so i’m happy for the results that i am seeing.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.26.21

Finding out what peoples favourite content on the website was important to me. This would be helpful feedback because if I was to continue my website in the future, I would know what the viewers of the site would want to see.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.31.04

As I really enjoyed creating the videos, and the fact that it shows my multimedia skills better, I wanted to know what people thought of them and what type of video they preferred more even though they were quite similar.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.33.21.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.33.59.png

Although I think it is important to write about hard news, I often find myself thinking that it isn’t something people would want to read about, even though I do. I also never know how to approach the idea of writing this type of feature. It was important to have gather an audience and ask this question so that I would know for the future that people will want to read hard news.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.37.35

The last question I asked was one of my own interest, so that I can see which one of my pieces people enjoyed viewing the most. The results did surprise me a little, but I was also glad for the reason people enjoyed the Youtube Restrict article the most. People who took the survey said that they didn’t know much about it, so it was informing and it was good that through a feature I had educated people on quite a serious topic. The mental Health feature was also a favourite, as people thought that it was important for people to read and talk about mental health, in order to help themselves or others.

Gathering audience feedback was very beneficial to my FMP as it provides me with feedback from a wider range of people that aren’t my peers or tutors. It has helped me to see what I did well, what I could change and what I could do to make it better.

From the feedback, I have gathered that my website was a success, which is good as the website is a large part of my project. If the website works well, it brings all of my content together and helps to show the content in a professional manor. If I was to change anything it would be the variety of content, I would of really like to make more videos and podcasts as these are the things that I enjoyed making the most. I enjoyed the process of gathering clips, the recording and the editing, so if I was to do this again, thats what I would do.


Over the course of completing my FMP I have had to keep on top of my planning, research and problem solving.

When it came to planning throughout my FMP, I started off really well. Having my action plan really helped me to keep on track of what I was doing and made me aware of any deadlines that I had set for myself. My planning only really went wrong a little towards finishing FMP, but only regarding when I was going to upload the content to my website, but as long as I uploaded everything it didn’t really become a problem. Having a notebook dedicated entirely to FMP was also really beneficial for my planning, as it allowed me to keep to do lists and keep track of what I had done and what I hadn’t, it was also a place where I could give myself reminders day to day.  If I was to do this again, I would be more strict for when I would have certain pieces of content finished. In my action plan and notebook, I would give myself deadlines for when to have a piece of work done, but if I hadn’t done it by that date I would just extend the amount spent on it, but I do feel that sticking to my own deadlines more would of helped to keep me on track.

Before writing up my features, videos, podcasts etc I needed to carry out a good amount of research. I do feel that I did do a good amount of research for each piece, but like with everything, there could always be more done. One thing that I find that really helped with my research was how I explained how doing this research would help benefit my FMP/content. I was able to identify why carrying out research would not only be good for me, but it would be good for my audience as the feature would be well rounded and researched, so that there were no false facts, opinions or uncertainty. One thing I would do differently when it comes to my research would be to find more opposing sources to the angle that I am writing from, so that I can make my stories as balances as possible. I also conducted a lot of research from people, like peoples opinions and the opinions of those on social media, so I would of needed to find a better way to document that research.

When it came to FMP, one thing I really enjoyed was the problem solving, as it gave me the chance to show my skills and how I solved any problem I faced, whether that be problems with coming up with stories, finding interviews or facing technical difficulties when it came to creating my website, editing videos and audio etc. Finding stories was something I found quite difficult, which was worrying due to the fact that the stories were the main basis of my FMP, but doing research on social media and looking at what was currently being talked about helped a lot, and that is one way I overcome that problem. Interviews were a huge problem throughout FMP, finding them was maybe the hardest, due to people not wanting to work with a ‘college student’ but I managed to find interviews for all of my pieces whilst remaining professional and not giving up due to people turning me down. Technical problems skills were something that I had to learn and research in order to overcome the problem. This again showed my research skills well, but also my problem solving and technical skills. If anything, I should of maybe gotten feedback from tutors/peers in order to help more but I wanted it to be independent and show that I could over come any problems alone. I think my problem solving skills were very evident due to the fact that I got everything completed.

To conclude, I do think that the final quality of my website is good, and the content on it is publishable. from the survey I carried out, I can clearly tell that it appeals really well to my target audience, and that I achieved all of my aims. I wanted to write about things that people in my target audience don’t ‘typically’ talk about, struggle with or things that just need more information given. I also think my videos were a success because music and theatre or both artistic, and I would like to encourage art no matter what type that may be. Again, it is proven from my survey that my website is easy to navigate, which is a plus so that people are able to find any content that they may be looking for. When publishing my 9 pieces of content , I had to check again if it was publishable and followed the journalistic conventions, which I believe it does. I have successfully produced content that is suitable and targeted well towards my specific audience, but in a way that allows anyone to read it.