After finishing my portfolio of work, it was time to get final feedback from the class, which is amongst my target audience of people from Sheffield between the ages 16-25. Once I had chosen and shown a select amount of my copy to the group, I had a feedback sheet with three questions where they could write and give their opinions on my pieces.

The first question I asked was, which article makes you want to read it more than the others? Most people answered my ‘Should schools change the way they teach art?’ article. This because it related most to them. They also stated that when reading the article, it really gets you thinking and makes you form your own opinions that could potentially cause a discussion amongst the younger readers. Although the majority answered that article, they also mentioned my bts at city hall and my hero generation article. They said that the behind the scenes was interesting as you always see the pantomimes advertised, but you never really get an insight as to what it is like for the people in the play and what goes on backstage. When talking about my hero generation piece, the focus group said that it was something different and interesting, that they don’t usually see due to it being based on a younger audience.

The next thing I asked the focus group was ‘what topics would you like to see more about, in order to break stereotypes’ I asked this because in my FMP, I want to write content that doesn’t stick to any stereotype and write on behalf of everyone, not just a select few people. The most requested topic was less mundane news. They want more artsy topics and things that discuss more current gossip so that it is less hard hitting. Another thing that they said was that they’d like to hear more about mental health issues, in order to raise awareness and then stories on campaigns or projects that were started by teenagers.

The last thing I did was ask each focus group to read each article, tell me what they liked about it and what i could improve on. Whine came to my behind the scenes article, most people said that they would read it, but they would want to visually see a behind the scenes, so to improve it I would need to add a video or images. For my ‘should schools change the way the teach art’ article, most said that it raises important issues, that maybe the school system need to do something about it but to improve it, I should show examples of peoples work. For my hero Generation article, the feedback was mostly positive, saying that they would read it and that it represents younger people well, but I include my opinions too much. To improve this I would have to bring in both sides of the argument more.