1.1 Analysis of Webzine – research characteristics of said magazine and compare to other similar products which allow for the publication go online content.

1.2 Interpretation- Based on research and identification of webzine characteristics write a proposal on how you intent to use this knowledge to create your own- what will you publish?

2.1 plan and development for your own webzine- This can be done via a digital sketchbook which essentially is a place where you store photos, inspiration, sketches, logo/masthead designs, layouts and record software use.

2.2 Production stage- This is where you make your webzine within the software- record with screenshots and prove competency and knowledge association to planned goal.

3.1 Evaluation of webzine- Does it comply with the characteristics of the product you researched.

3.2 Reflection on what you have learnt-  reflect on what you have learnt and how you can take the knowledge through to you other projects.