When reflecting on my unit 9, I realise that there is a lot more I can do when it comes to my FMP. The first and main thing will be trying out more wordpress themes and getting the right one exactly, depending on the interactivity options for my audience, and how easy it is to navigate etc. When it comes to deciding what theme I use, I will need to make sure that it has all the characteristics of a webzine in order to meet the specification. I will also need to make sure I design it in a way that appeals to more of my target audience, being teenagers in their later years.

Social media will act as a sort of marketing tool for me, so I need to make sure that I use it more to help during my FMP. I can use it to see what the hot topics are at the moment, and see if there is anything that I can make content out of. I could also use it as a place to gather peoples views and opinions on any ideas I may have. Social Media is also a great way to get in contact with people in order to interview them, so it may be good to improve my online presence.

When it comes to the content I produce, I want to make sure that I do more that requires me to use different software in order to improve my skills, such as garage band, imovie and photoshop. I will also be monitoring any analytics on my posts, so that I can become aware of what content the audience like the most, so that I can create more of it. I aim to produce podcasts discussing any topics that are popular at the time, or just on going, in order to do this I will have to research into podcasts more and possibly listen to a few. It may also be a good idea create a certain group that I do the podcasts with, and give the group a name so I create a sort of brand for it. I will also be including interviews, photographs, articles/features and some more fun posts such as listicles and possibly images.

My main aim will be to create content up to a great standard, so that people will want to read and possibly get involved, discussing the topics etc. In order to do this I will have to use all of the software that I am provided with and make sure any writing is good quality and my podcasts/videos/photographs are edited to a good quality too.