Evaluation of preparatory work

The overall theme for my project was teenage lifestyle. I originally had the idea to create a webzine using wordpress in order to show all my content in the form of issues. My original plans were to have articles including interiews, blog posts to share my opinions etc. These ideas later developed into me thinking about having content in the form of podcasts and videos, depending on the subject.

When researching different teen lifestyle webzines, I looked at a few and in depth analysed two, one I liked and one I disliked. For this I talked about the design aspects and what I liked, and what I would include in my webzine. If I were to go back to research, I would of looked at a lot more in order to get more ideas on the content side for my webzine, in order to target a teenage audience.

When it came to looking at art and cultural sources,  I would of preferred to do a lot more research than I ended up doing. Due to social media being my main tool when it comes to knowing what they younger people are talking about and are interested in at the moment, I feel like I should of used forms of social media a lot more for research. Simply looking into what they’re ‘talking about’ at the moment or the themes of their social media accounts, how they edit their images, videos etc would help design aspects of my work and content ideas in order to target that specific audience.

I do wish that when researching, I looked into a lot more podcasts and videos on teenage lifestyle, or just lifestyle in general. This would of helped me to see how it works, how people edit to target their audience the most and just the type of content they create in general. It would of also been good to of have some experience with editing and using the software, such as garage band and imovie, in order to refresh my skills and possibly add more to my technical skills when it comes to editing. I would of also played around with themes more on wordpress, instead of just sticking to one theme, as I still dont have an idea as to what theme I want to work with when it comes to my FMP.

Evaluating the graphic product 

Overall, I don’t really like how my webzine turned out, although this may be a good thing as it shows me what I can change when it comes to doing my FMP. Even though I don’t particularly enjoy my webzine, it does reach the specification. It functions well with the characteristics most sites posses. For example it had a logo, side bar, it is easy to navigate and post were scheduled before they were posted.

The main problem with my webzine, was the theme I was using. I didn’t feel as though it had many options when it came to the design, so there weren’t many things that I could change in order to make it mine and personalise it more. Even though the theme proved to be a problem, I will still be using wordpress through ThisIsTap when it comes to my FMP. This is because I know that when it comes to it, I will be able to do what I want to it and I will be able to make the changes to any theme I choose, depending on which is most convenient for the readers. This depending on the accessibility and how easy it is to navigate.