The first thing I needed to do to in order to start producing my webzine, was add a theme. There are multiple themes installed into wordpress already, so you can look through and choose one of those, or you can choose your own and install it yourself. I installed a theme called genie which I installed onto my computer, so to do this I went to the theme section, add new, upload new and found the zip file I had previously downloaded and selected it.


Once the theme was installed, it was blank and just the general theme, but there were multiple things that I could do in order to make it a little different.

The first thing I did was create a temporary logo. The logo would only be temporary as im not completely sure as to what I want mine to be like yet. To create this logo I went to a website called canva, where you can select and customize designs.


After I found this site, I began to create my logo.


In order to add my logo to my webzine, I had to go to appearance- customize- general settings. This straight away came up with the favicon and logo options, where I just had to upload my logo.

The next thing I wanted to do was add a sidebar, so that users could find recent posts, archives and categories. All I had to do for this was click on the drop down box and select which side I wanted it on.

After looking at this, I decided to change the colour scheme as I didn’t like the colours that the theme itself automatically came with. To do this I just went to Accent colour, pressed select colour and played around with ones until I found one I liked. Eventually I decided on using a bluish colour so that it would blend well with my logo.

Looking at the fonts, I didn’t really like them because they seemed to bold and out there, and i wanted something more soft. After testing out different fonts, I chose the following.


Adding categories

When it came to my content, I had to make sure that I had a category to place them all under. To create my categories I went to my dashboard, categories and add new. I then added two categories called ‘issue 1’ and ‘issue 2’ and then uploaded my content into those two different categories. 


Grid theme

In order to make sure that my content is uploaded into what issue they go with, I wanted a grid theme to represent the issues more. To do this I had to make a new page and go to settings at the bottom page where I chose the ‘grid’ theme. Once I had done this I then had to go to the dashboard, reading and set the grid theme page as my static page. 







This meant the posts uploaded like this screenshot-2017-02-28-at-9-49-45-pm

Uploading my own content

In order to upload my own content, I had to to go to add new post. Once I had clicked this, a page comes up where I write up my title and the rest of my content. Once the content was written and I was happy with it, I had to sort it into the correct category.

Because the webzine typically has scheduled content, I had to schedule each post for a certain date and time that I wanted it to go up. To do this, Instead of just clicking publish, I went to where it says “publish immediately” in the top right hand corner, and pressed the edit option where I then chose the date and time.