Webzines research.

As I need to get a little inspiration for my webzines, I had to look online at some based around my genre, which is teen lifestyle. I have picked out one I like and another that I don’t, so I can see what I want and don’t want to do.

One I like:


The first thing I noticed about this was how simple it is. Simplicity is something I really like when it comes to websites and it makes them easy to navigate around and find whatever it is you’re looking for. Another thing that caught my attention was the colour scheme, being it very simple with monotone black and white with a pop of red now and then. I like these choice of colours as it doesn’t necessarily target any type of audience and the colours don’t take any attention away from the content. This site does have a sidebar, but it is one that you have to click on for it to become visible (top left)

One I dislike: webzine-research

After looking at one teen lifestyle magazine that I liked, I went to find one that I didn’t particularly like as much. One thing I do like about this webzine, is the social media links as it gives the audience the opportunity to get more involved if they wanted to. The things I don’t like about this webzine would have to be the colour scheme and the overall background image. To me it just looks as though it was used to try and make it look more busy. I don’t particularity like how most of the articles images look as though they were taken of google images and not taken themselves, but they are mixed with ones that look as though they could of been taken themselves, so it looks a little mismatched and messy.

Planning my own Webzine

Name brainstorming:


When it came to my webzine, one of the most important things would be the name. I found it a little hard to think of names to do with teenage lifestyle, because the ones I thought of seemed very cringe worthy. One thing I liked was being a ‘voice’ for teenagers. Something that shows that they are not how the media represents them and that they care about more things than going out and partying. So in order to be a sort of voice, ‘voice’ seemed to be a simple fitting name. Another thing that I think it gives, is the audience the encouragement to voice their opinions.

Colour scheme

For my webzine colour scheme, I want to make sure that the colours are gender neutral, so that it attracts all genders. Looking at colour palettes was a large part of the design process due to the fact that it would have to go with my theme, reflect my genre, attract an audience etc.


logo designs

My logo is a very important part of the design process too. This is because it will be what people associate with my work and when they see it, they would be able to recognise where it is from. A logo is an important part of any sot of branding, it is an identity which makes something memorable, along with the name. A logo can also be shown on a website tab at the top of a screen, known as a favicon.

As I am not quite sure what to call my webzine yet, I created a pinterest board with lots of different logos that I like, in hopes that it would give me some inspiration into what kind of logo I would want or maybe even inspire a name for my webzine.

When thinking of logos to go with teen lifestyle, I didn’t have may ideas so I decided that I am more likely to just write out the webzine name and have a boarder around it.


I like all of these deigns again, because of the siplicity of them all.

Designing my own:


When it came to designing my own logos, I didn’t want anything extravagant, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so that is what I tried to do. I made sure to stick with the ‘voice’ theme and thought of things that would maybe represent a voice, like a megaphone, lips and sound vibrations. I also just had a simple box with text in it, as i’ve seen logos like that and they seemed very appealing. My favourites would be the megaphone and sound vibrations, with some improvements that would obviously have to be made. I also liked the lips idea but I feel as though that is more of a feminine idea, which would stereo typically mostly attract females and make people think that it is things targeted towards them only, which it isn’t.

Webzine layout designs

When looking into webzine designs, I have found that most websites/webzines have a box design, which I do find very appealing. This because it is easy to control and easy to find your way around.


Designing my layout: 


When designing my webzine layout, I had to keep in mind that the copy that I produce, will be part of scheduled issues. This meant that when it came to designing, I had to show that the issues would be shown in a magazine like form, that you can click on and it will take you to all those posts as an issue. The first thing I put in place was my logo and Webzine title, as this is typically where they are on every webzine/site. I then put in an area for social media logos, so that people would be able to click them and be taken to that site, or I would just give the appropriate handle so that they can find the social media for themselves. I then added a side bar, as this is another convention that is typically used. It includes a search bar, any recent posts and the ability to access archives. I then went in on representing the ‘issues’ I decided on just making them look like the front of a magazine issue, with an image on with the issue number. You should be able to click on the post, which will probably be listed as a category and have it take you to the posts that come with that issues. I didn’t want a page full of issues, as that would probably get boring after a while so I decided to add in a slideshow. This will show different pieces and will be changeable every so often.

In order to create my content, I will be using software such as Photoshop, iMovie and Garage band. I will use photoshop to create things like my logo and any graphics that I need. I will be using iMovie to edit any content that I create, making it into a watchable video. Garageband will be used to edit any podcasts that I do.