After looking at the characteristics of a webzine, there are various things that I will need to use for my webzine in order for it to function like one. The box based design that a lot of webzines have is something that I will be using. This because it will allow me to have an overall image that people can click on and it will take them to several different posts, which will act like one issue. This leads onto more of the fixed features, the search bar for example. This would allow the reader to search for whatever it is they’re looking for. Another characteristic that my webzine would have to follow would be the responsiveness. This will mean that no matter what size the readers screen is, the content will adjust to the size of the screen itself.

I will also need to create a brand for myself. This will include things like a logo, which will need to fit with my chosen theme. I will also need to think about things like watermarks when it comes to any photographs or videos I make. This depending on if I want other people to be able to reuse my content or not. This will also help to associate the work with my webzine, so that it all links up.

My webzine will be based on teen lifestyle, but hopefully in a less stereotypical way. It will include important topics but fun ones too. The aim is to attract more than one type of teenager. My webzine will include things like features, interviews, podcasts and some videos and photographs. The difference between a blog and a webzine is that webzine content is more scheduled, instead of spontaneous. So my content will go online every other day or week.