Webzine definition: A magazine published electronically on the Internet.

There are webzines that are distributed publicly on the web but there are also ezines that are distributed through email.

Digital editions of magazines are  electronic versions of print magazines/newspapers. These look identical to what is in the print version. This saves money for the publisher and the reader as time and money would not be needed to print and deliver the magazine or newspaper. They also include multimedia aspects such as videos and animations which helps to make reading the magazine fun for readers but is also good for advertisers as they are not limited to a piece of paper. This version of magazines/ newspapers has been said to be more environmentally friendly.

Archive system

The difference between a webzine and a blog: A webzine is scheduled, where as blogs are more spontaneous, they upload when they want depending on the person.

Webzines can be updated easily, they keep up with the time and trends. It is also good for reaching a larger audience on a global scale. You can also access the magazine anytime or you could download it to read it later.

Magazines are found online to possibly promote the physical version, this because it probably visited online more than it is bought in a shop.

Example of an online magazine: New York Look


This online magazine looks simple and organised, but already a lot more visually pleasing than many physical magazines.


This online magazine has aspects of the physical magazines that you can hover over and it will open up a slide that will allow you to click on what you want to see. This is a lot more convenient than a physical magazine as it allows us as readers to find what we want a lot quicker as we wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time flicking through the pages of a magazine.

The thing I like most about this online magazine is the home page/ front page. This is because once you click on something and leave this page, the design levels drop, although this may be due to how old the issue is and what the design aspects were like then.

Characteristics of a webzine:

Looking at templates of most webzines, You can tell that while they are different, they are also similar due to the characteristics of a webzine.

One thing that is noticeable when looking at the templates is how most of the designs are box based. This is due to the webzines being responsive. For example, when you make the tab smaller and smaller, all the content will reduce to that size, this is evident when you visit a site via mobile.

When looking a webzines, you can tell that there are a lot of images, this meaning that they need a higher resolutions so that they look the same on all formats e.g computer, phone etc.

Another popular characteristic is widget- ready.This makes it easier to switch up the side bar every now and then, as it uses a ‘drag and drop’ option.

Fixed content. It is important that a webzine has fixed content because if a person was to read the content and send it to another person, if you were to have changed it during that time, those people will see/ read different things.

Nav bar/search bar. A search bar is more convenient if you knew exactly what you were searching for. A Nav bar is more convenient for searching for anything, as they take key words to find similar stories to the search.

Webzine theme analysis


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  • space that needs fitting, could be difficult

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 10.03.30.png

Webzine logo research.

As I will be needing my own logo, I have research various logos in order to find what I do and don’t like and will want when I make my own.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 09.29.18.png
I don’t like this logo. I feel like if I were to see it, I wouldn’t remember it or the site that it belongs to. I also dislike how the words are in two different fonts.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 09.39.27.png This logo is very memorable, particularly because the person who uses it, brands all her products with this logo. I really like this logo as it not only is just simple test but it also gets a makeover when the different seasons come along.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 09.48.35.png

This is another example of a memorable logo, as it is used across this personals whole branding. having your own name as your logo is good, but only if the site you have created is all about you, or linked to you in some way.


I like this logo because of how well recognised it is, Not only due to the fact that it says its name, but because if people see those colours and the shape, they will be able to identify it. I also like how it looks like a bubble as when you use the app, it makes bubble sounds.

When it comes to my own logo, I would like text and a little symbol. The symbol can then be used for the favicon, which will be in a uniform shape

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.28.04.png






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