My specialist study is an exploration of how teenagers are represented in the media. In this literature review I will be evaluating a sample of the research I have done and talk about how it will help me. I hypothesise that while teenagers are represented mostly negative in the media, there are some platforms of which they are represented in a positive light.

The video called I’m 17 | Kate Simonds (TEDxBoise 2015) was extremely helpful towards my research as it similar to my topic. Although I found a lot of helpful things regarding how today’s teenagers feel, it isn’t helpful to show how teenagers are represented in the media, as it focuses more on how we feel in today’s society. It would be a reliable source due to the fact that it comes straight from a teenager today, although it could be baised.

Moving onto academic sources, I found Youth in Society (Flynn, Roche, Tucker, Thompson 2004). This was very relevant to my research, but again, it was more to do with society’s views, although it does briefly mention the media every so often. It is also helpful as I would be able to link the quotes to how it is in the media. Due to the information being a little outdated (2004) This source may not seem that reliable but there are ways I would still find it useful. This source would help with my website as it shows how teenagers feel and from that I see what I could do to represent them differently.

After looking at academic sources that were helpful, but not exactly what I was looking for, I found Media studies: The essential introduction for WJEC (Bateman, Benyahia, Mortimer, Wall 2011). This book covered how youth is represented very well. It covered a variety of subjects across the whole of representation such as aspects like why representation is important, how the media represents people of different ages and how there can be negative and positive things that come from it. This source would be helpful towards my FMP as it shows the stereotypes that teenagers are typically labeled as and knowing this would help me to replace them. This source is very reliable due to the fact that it has been written by academics based on extensive research.

As part of my research, I wanted to look into why audience is important. This due to the fact that different types of media represent teenagers differently according to their audience, for example magazines represent teenagers better than newspapers do, due to the fact their audience is mostly teens and newspapers are older people. For this I looked at the books ‘Understanding the media (Hart, 1991) and ‘Mass communication Theory’ (Mcquail, 1994) They both covered the topic of why audiences are important and I believe it will help me with ways to target my audience in a way that will relate to a large amount of teenagers, not just a select few. Although I may find the sources helpful, they seem really outdated so i need to be careful with what information I take from them.

From the research I have carried out, I feel as though I have found reliable sources, but I have also found a few that touch on my subject, but are outdated and may not be reliable anymore.



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