The first book in this trilogy is called Am I Normal Yet? where we follow the main character Evie on her journey through normal teenage life but she has severe OCD, which as you can imagine, makes ‘normal’ things so much harder. The book deals with mental illnesses in such a good way, it doesn’t glorify it, doesn’t romanticise, just shows it for what it is which is hard, and at times heartbreaking. It is such a real book that educates and raises awareness about something as important as mental health. The book also has a large feminism side to it, which becomes more and more of a topic throughout the three books.

The second book is called How Hard Can Love Be? where we are now following Amber, who we met during Am I Normal Yet? along with Lottie, Evie’s best friends. This book has some very positive aspects, one of them being the strong female friendships which you rarely see amongst the YA genre. Another thing it deals with, which is a large aspect of the book is parental problems, and not the everyday arguments type. Amber leaves things behind at home in the UK, to go visit her mum in america in an attempt to fix their relationship or get some sort of apology. This is where the having a recovering alcoholic as a mother comes in, it does not sugar coat the situation, and it certainly deals with it in a real and raw way, where we are shown whats its like and we feel as though you are on Ambers journey with her. Of course their is the romantic side to the story, which is hinted at in the title, but the book itself is so much more than that. Again, this book has the feminism aspect that all three have, and it is represented in such a good, understandable and educating way.

The third is called Whats a girl Gotta Do? and this is where the feminism really takes off. Lottie, our now main character has always been the one out of all three girls to be the most vocal about her feminist views, and this is definitely shown in this book. Lottie set herself a project to call out any form of sexism she sees and she does this, until the very last line of the book. This book shows you to always follow what you believe in and to never give up no matter how hard it gets, because if you do, you might not reach what you’re aiming for.

Holly Bourne is a great YA author with books that are 100% worth the read. If you are a young person wanting to be introduced to the act of feminsm, this trilogy will be great for you.