Social media has become a huge part of today’s society, especially amongst the younger people.

While it is good for many things such as expressing yourself and voicing your opinions etc it also has the negatives that every person seems to be wary of.

According to Pew Research Center 81% of online teens use some kind of social media.

Sophie Jeffries, 17 said: “I think social media is a great thing, on a global scale we are more connected and more socially aware of the social issues going on in the world. We can communicate with people as much as we want whether they live down the road or across the country. It shows how the world is evolving form cave man right up to now”

From a poll held on twitter, 73% of people believe that social media is overall a good thing, but that may be a biased view due to it being held on a social media platform.

Aside from all the great things social media brings, there are also the obvious negatives.

There is constant risk of  being exposed to online negativity such as bullying or someone pretending to be somebody that they are not, which can also lead to worse things later on, if it gets to that point.

As a whole, social media is great and you can achieve many things from it, but there are always precautions to take that is advised by many people that you come across whether it be from a young age at primary school or later on when things become more serious.

Make sure to enjoy and embrace modern day social media whilst also keeping safe.