An exploration of how teenagers are represented in the media.


For my final major project, I will be creating a webzine based on Teenage lifestyle. The webzine will contain a lot of different copy, such as blog posts, articles, reviews, multimedia packages and photojournalism. I will be writing about a range of things that fits into the teen lifestyle genre. This ranging from how teens are represented, diversity, body image etc. I will include interviews both on and off camera and use sources within all my articles.

I will carry out a large amount of research to help towards my specialist study, both primary and secondary, cultural and academic. I will be using a few academic books that touch on ageism within teenagers and how they are represented. I will also do some cultural research, by watching youtube videos on teenage representation again, from somebodies personal opinion. Throughout doing my research I aim to ask why it may be that teenagers are represented negatively within the media, and why this might be.

I hypothesise that while teenagers are represented mostly negative in the media, there are some platforms of which they are represented in a positive light.


My specialist study is going to be “An exploration of how teenagers are represented in the media” This fits in well with my final major project as it is a huge part of teen lifestyle. As well as helping with my FMP, it will also help with my career path as I am hoping to specifically get into young adult publishing and having an understanding of the teenage lifestyle will help a lot with knowing what is wanted of the younger audiences. The research that I do will enable me to better my FMP as I will be aware of how teenagers are stereotyped, and what not to do when writing my copy.

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