With the fairly recent brexit situation and the recent US Presidential Election, it is becoming more apparent that younger people are more generally aware than recent years.

In June 2016, the UK voted whether they wanted to leave or remain in the European union, which resulted in the UK leaving.

Early November, Donald Trump was elected the new president of the United States.

Both of these matters caused a lot of discussion, in person and over social media amongst the younger generations.

When it came to Britain leaving the EU, a lot of the younger people felt as though their voice hadn’t been heard.

Samantha Harrison, 31 said: “I do feel that the younger people were thinking about the bigger picture when it came to brexit. Everybody’s opinion mattered and was correct, but some people were just voting for all the wrong reasons, like immigration etc. There was also a lot of misunderstanding and twisting of stories throughout the whole thing. It was a confusing time but I feel we’ll be ok and believe in the younger generation”

When it comes to the younger generations, people talk about how they will be the ones soon in charge, and how there is so much hope and potential within them, after seeing how they think and act.

According to the guardian “The results found that 64% of those young people who were registered did vote and more than 75% of young votes chose to remain in the EU”

This not including those under the age of 18 who do not have the right to vote, but voiced their opinions in others ways where it was shown that if allowed, they would of voted remain.