Mental Health is an issue that we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about. It is a part of many peoples lives and something that many people live with, so when it comes to ourselves we shouldn’t feel the need to hide what we are going through. It has become apparent that over the last few years, more and more teens are struggling with mental health issues.

When it comes to mental health, you will find that people advice you to find something that comforts you to help get through the little bumps. One thing that a lot of people hang onto is books, understandably. Not only can you get lost in another world for a while, books can also make you realise that you are not alone.

Mental health is a very important aspect of life that should never be ignored, so for it to be a subject in a book is helpful. It helps to show that not all YA fiction is fluffy romances, and that what it is, is people dealing with real problems. When reading a book, you could come across your solution, maybe you’re feeling some sort of way and you just can’t work out what it is, reading about somebody else who is going through the the same thing will help a whole lot. Not only does reading these types of books help somebody dealing with a mental health issue, it also helps to raise awareness. Not only is it important for the person going through it to understand, it is important for some one who isn’t to understand too. This way they can be of help when somebody is in need, instead of having no idea what to do or say.

Books are just as educational as the stuff that is taught in a classroom. You can learn so many things when reading a book, weather it be about different mental health issues, different sexualities, world issues, anything. You never know what you will learn when you are picking up a new book, if anything it can teach you things you won’t learn about it classrooms.

The next time you go searching for a book, maybe look for one that deals with a Mental Health issue, you never know who it may help. Whether that may be you, or somebody else around you.