There are hidden places all around Sheffield and you will find them when you’re looking and even when you’re not.

Not far from Hillsborough college, there is an old Victorian graveyard hidden away just around the corner, where anybody can visit.
pbyvxhefThere are a lot of stories within the graves, it gives you an insight as to who people were, what they did and how they lived.

The detached churchyard holds a lot of history, so much so that you can almost see and feel it as you walk through.

The friends of Wardsend cemetery said on their website that the Cemetery has a distinct military influence due to its close proximity to Hillsborough Barracks. The obelisk monument commemorates the soldiers of 6th, 19th, 24th, 33rd, 51st, 55th Regiments of Foot, Victorian Army, who died whilst at Hillsborough Barracks during the period 1866 – 1869.

Up until 2010, the cemetery was closed and near abandoned since 1988. The cemetry is now maintaned and looked after by the local authority.

Walking through the cemetery, there are so many things to look at and look into.

gpjstqpkAshleigh Wilson, 18, Student said “Ive always loved history. When you’re there the atmosphere is very heavy with history and you can almost feel the stories around you”

There is also a popular legend about the cemetery, which may be worth looking into if you’re a lover of finding out more about the places around where you live.

With some digging and research, you may also be able to find out if any of your own ancestors are burred within the grounds.

If you ever find yourself in the area, it may be a lovely place to visit and get your own feel for the history. To find out more, search ‘Wardsend cemetery” online.

There are lots of stories about the cemetery online, which are very interesting to read about so if you are interested, research it.