Should schools change the way they teach art?

Lately, more and more students feel as though they are pushed to learn subjects that they are not good at and not encouraged to flourish in the ones that they are.

Throughout school, from a young age you are taught that things like English, Maths and Science are the most important subjects and you must be good at them to succeed in life.

Matt Windle, 18, art student at Hillsborough college said “Art was always my favourite subject in school but we were definitely always pushed and encouraged to focus on the more academic subjects, which is unfortunate”

Over the years there has been a lot of talk of schools wanting to eliminate the more creative subjects, which luckily, they haven’t done yet.

It is important that in schools we teach young people to embrace what they enjoy and are good at so that they feel encouraged and good about the work that they produce, academic or not.

There are many different types of art, it doesn’t always just mean drawings and painting. Art comes in different forms, whether it be poetry, music, writing in general etc.

A lot of teenagers use social media as a way of sharing their own art, and to get inspiration.

Even when art is taught in schools, students feel as though it is not completely up to them how they express themselves: “ok why does art in schools basically TELL you what your ‘inspiration’ is like. that’s not how it works” – @MICKIFIED on twitter

If art was to be squeezed out of schools, young people would not grow up appreciating it or not knowing what they’re capable of and they may also feel as though they’ve missed out.

There are many reasons as to why art is important, it helps people to communicate, tell a story and heal along with many other factors and it is important that people learn different ways to express themselves.