Behind the scenes at city hall pantomime

What is it like to be part of one of the largest amateur theatre companies within the UK?

Bethany Jo-Cutforth, 20, has been part of the cast since she was 15 years old and is now 20.

Chosen by her dance teacher, she has performed on stage happily with the society for six years.

After all the years, it is natural that she still gets nervous when waiting to go on stage, but says when she hears the audience, that’s when the adrenaline really kicks in and that “it is all part of the excitement”

When asked what it is like backstage at City Hall she said “backstage is so much fun but can get very stressful at times when the stage crew are having to move things and make sure everything is in the correct place”

Although it is a Christmas production rehearsals start during summer with cast and crew ready to put on the best show possible, every single year.

Backstage is very much like what you see on stage, full of fun, but they’re not the ones that get to sit and watch.

The society itself was formed in the 1950s on Sheffield’s Manor estate and they came to perform their first pantomime at the Montgomery Theatre in 1970.

By 1986 the audience demand had got so high that the society had to move to the Sheffield City Hall in order to keep up with the amount of people wanting to see their shows.

This year’s pantomime is Jack and the Beanstalk running from December 27 to January 8.

If you are interested in seeing the show then hurry over and book online at or call Sheffield City Hall at 01142 789789.