Freelance journalists tend to join communities.


Although it is not specifically used for freelance, there is a group where advice is given and people discuss freelance. There is also a free monthly training session.


Freelance workers can post their work to either their own personal Facebook, or pages on Facebook that are specifically made for freelance journalists to share their own and discuss with others their work. There is a site which is very much like Facebook, but is made for journalists.


There are accounts on twitter that posts about news and training within journalism.  @freelance_hacks

People who work freelance also use twitter to promote themselves, by either using links to their work or talking about it in general. Twitter is a popular way to promote yourself as you can reach a large variety of people through hashtags and retweets. Tweets can reach a large amount of people due to who shares it and people that retweet it.


JournoBiz Forum

This site is a place for various journalists to join and meet other freelance journalists so they can discuss with them tips and tricks when you are freelance, it also promotes your work.

Freelance Photographers 

Freelance photographers often use Instagram to post their images and promote them. Once they get themselves out there, people start hiring them for work.

Examples of freelance photographers:


portfolio of own work and links to social media would be on your website. There also may be a section on your website where people can recommend you to other people.


Paid for advertisement space. This could be on radio, TV, newspaper or magazine. business cards are also a form of business card, which can just be handed out to people.

Presentations and pitching ideas to people is also a way of promoting yourself.

Researching Portfolio

A digital portfolio is a portfolio presented online. This is usually through a website.

Publishing companies have a website that displays all of the books that they have published. Authors also have sites, but more in a blogging style to show off their work.

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