Social media marketing is a form of marketing that works though social media to promote and sell a product. The goal is to cause a large amount of attention towards a brand or product which results in many people sharing their thoughts about the product on social media. These people write up press releases, keep up to date with online trends, create brand image and develop the brand awareness. To do this they either use promotional links or create original content based on the brands.

Over the years the traditional role of a journalist has changed, as it is no longer handwritten and is now mostly multimedia. Most work is done using either a phone, laptop/computer, camera, mics and various software editors. When Journalism first began, social media didn’t exist so the role of a social media professional hasn’t always been around to play a role in journalism. The birth of social media was in 1997 where there was a social media site called six degrees. By 2000, the internet was everywhere but still with very little social media, in 2003 came the first popular social media called MySpace, but whilst being really popular, it wasn’t really used for social media marketing. By 2005, we had Facebook and Twitter, which is where a lot of social media marketing happens now.

Many industries use social media marketing in their work. For example, Public relations. Two companies that use social media marketing would be Modest! management and Endelman.

Modest! Management:

Modest management was formed in 2003 by Richard Griffins and Harry Magee. The company work to manage artists in all aspects of their careers such as writing, recording, touring, brand partnerships, merchandise, endorsements, theatre, television and publicity.


Edelman was formed in 1952. The company work to help businesses’ evolve, promote and protect their branch.

Public relations

Job role: The job role of a public relations officer is to manage a persons reputation. They have to have an understanding of their clients and be able to support them all the time. PR officers have to use the media in order to build and maintain somebodies reputation.


There are no set qualifications when it comes to PR, but it is helpful to have a degree. This degree could be in something along the lines of communication and media studies, English and creative writing, business/management, marketing, social sciences or politics. You can also do courses that are based on PR all together, but the courses above would be helpful to get a job in PR.

skills required:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Excellent time management
  • Be able to cope with pressure
  • Have knowledge of current affairs

Day in the life of a PR officer

This usually consists of developing press materials, sending them out, speaking to the media, business calls and planning.

Case study


From this post of somebody’s day in the life of a PR officer, straight off you can see that being up to date with the current affairs and what is going on in the media. They spend a lot of time in conference calls and planning events for clients.

Skills Audit


In this job AD written communication skills are a skill that’s vital and I believe that I do have this skill, which is proven through my ability to email people requiring about a topic and is also shown in my Final Major project work last year at college. I also have a good knowledge of video  production as part of course at college last year, I had to make a video and use software to do so.  The job also requires a basic understanding of social media which I have due to running a Twitter , Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram account.

If I were to apply to this job, there would be a few things that I need to improve, such as my communication skills, there’s no doubt that i have them but I would need to work on my confidence. Another thing that is required is work experience, so I would need to make sure I had the required amount before applying.


From looking at this job ad, I could offer good writing skills, the ability to use my own initiative, good organisational skills and the ability to work in a team.  In college I often find myself working in a group, as well as in school and during my work experience. My writing skills are good, due to writing news stories and articles etc as part of my course, but I am aware that they can always be improved. My organisational skills are good, which is proven in every day life.

My Personal action plan

My career choices would be something along the lines of public relations, or Journalism in general.

My target grade for the UAL course is Merit/distinction.

Course choices research:

BA (Honours) Public Relations

This course would be really good as you learn how to research, plan, implement and manage successful PR campaigns. It also gives you knowledge of the area of work that is always changing.

BA (Honours) Public Relations and Media

This course does pretty much the same as the one above, but offers you work experience which will be helpful when it comes to getting a job as that’s what a lot of people are looking for.

BA (Honours) Creative Writing

After looking at just the PR based courses, I looked for creative writing. This is because in a lot of job advertisements, excellent writing skills are wanted by the employers. This is the same as any journalistic job, so it would be helpful in more than one field of work.

Work experience:

Sheffield sharks

Interviewed the Sheffield sharks basketball team and then later wrote a piece on them.

Theatre delicatessen 

I attended two events at the theatre delicatessen as part of the migration matters festival. I attended the opening night and then wrote about the night and also reviewed one of the shows that they put on.

Sheffield Star

I will soon have done work experience for the Sheffield star where we as a class will all write individual stories and then a few will be chosen to cover a two page spread.


Websites used: