Throughout this unit, I have created various amount of copy. The minimum requirement was 5 news articles, 2 photojournalism pieces, a multimedia package, a blog post and a review. Throughout this report, I will touch on and explain what I did, how I sourced my work, what primary and secondary research I did and talk about the strength and weakness of my copy.

Journalists have to consider a lot of things when they are producing copy. They have to consider what angle they are coming from their target audience and the format i.e news, feature, photojournalism or online blogging. There are many differences between them. For example, a news article is strictly facts, figures information and quotes. There are no opinions included and they have to make sure that it isn’t bias to one side, it has to be balanced. A feature also involves those things, but they are slightly more opinionated and are more free with the opinion aspect. With photo journalism,  you have to explain what you can see with the 5 w’s and a quote which makes them more short and confined. A blog is a lot more chatty, including pictures and videos here and there.

As part of my articles, I had to make sure that I included two sources. This could be from my own primary research, such as interviews or secondary research, such as quoting a website or person online.When producing my copy, I mostly went from my own personal interests but we had a target audience and once I got an idea, I made sure that it would also be relevant.

I wrote about the local pantomime at City Hall, as I knew people who were involved, and I had an interest in it and thought maybe aspiring young people would too.

I then went on to write about how art and creativity is taught in schools, as it would relate to the younger audience of 16-24 year olds through current or past experience. I got this idea from it being a continuous subject online.

*Screenshot of tweet/article that I got the idea from*

For my blog piece I wrote about mental health in books, as I feel it is very important and the books I reviewed helped me through difficult times, so reviewing them and promoting them was something I wanted to do.

Then there was my multimedia package. This idea came from the fact that I always hear people saying negative things about Sheffield, and hardly any good, so I wanted to create a video to show how simply beautiful it is.

When it came to photojournalism, I wanted to capture some of Autumns  prettiest moments. Then for my armistice day one, I wanted to capture the level of respect people have.

When writing articles, it is important that you think about the ethical standards. Before writing, I would research to make sure my facts were right and that everything was accurate. I would make notes and refer back to them when it came to writing out my article. I also had to be very aware of deadlines which I feel I had no problem reaching, as I always had something to write about. When it came to interviewing people, I organised a face to face interview that consisted of a few questions, making sure that my manor was friendly but professional. If I was unable to interview face-to-face, I would make sure to set up the interview a different way, whether it be over social media or Skype.

*screenshot of interviews*

As part of my planning, I would write notes in order to keep up with what I wanted to write. Some things took a lot more planning than others. For example, my behind the scenes at city hall article took a lot of planning, as it was mostly based around what the interviewee said and I had to work around their time frame and my own. My multimedia package also took a lot of planning, as I had to think about interviews, the weather, the audio and video quality and the surroundings as it was filmed outdoors. Other than having many things to consider each time I wrote something, I do think it all went well.

Planning and time management were strengths of my copy. This because I managed them all very well and due to that, I was happy with the outcome. A weakness would be my multimedia package as I was not happy with the final product video. This not due to the content, but due to the editing software I used, I felt as though it could of been done to a higher standard depending what software I had available to use.

Overall I do believe my copy would be fit for publishing as some of it actually was. Other than that I think it would be due to the target audience, what people are interested and relateable topics.