As a class, we will be writing in the Sheffield Star. In order to have understanding of what we would like to bring to the star, we did a focus group and talked about what we liked, what we didn’t like and what we would like to bring to the Star. The stars reader demographic consists of 15-24 year olds with a number of 10187 readers, so it would be understandable for us to come up with stories relating to those ages.

The first thing that we talked about liking was the layout of the newspaper. For example  the big images, this because a lot of readers would find it an overwhelming read if the text wasn’t split up by images and block text. Relating to the layout, we also liked how specific topics had their own columns so that it was easier to read and follow.  We also liked that it was colourful and not just boring black and white. The fact that colours are used helps the newspaper to look more appealing and draw people in to reading it. We discussed that we don’t really like the amount of advertisements in the newspaper, but we do like that they’re hidden away and only to be found if you want to find them.

When we moved on to talking about things we don’t like about The Star aspects like the busyness of the newspaper, the audience that the topics are aimed at and making the newspaper appealing to everyone came up. For example, topics that would be important to  younger people seem to be tucked away and not noticeable, so we could easily miss it. The topics also seem to be aimed towards older people, which is expected as that is who would typically read The Star, but not good for other, younger people who want to read it but can’t find anything relatable enough for them to read.

When we will be writing for The Star, our audience would be 15-24 year olds so we had to think more about what we can bring to the star in order to aim it more towards them. Our ideas included things like including vouchers and freebies, making sure our stories are more relatable towards a younger audience, including more hobby related subjects, include information that is helpful for us e.g. events that are happening in Sheffield and lastly, have a social media section that includes tweets and hashtags that are trending, this way it would be more interactive.

After all the focus group work, I had to then start thinking about what I personally could write about and I came up with a few ideas. Going with the helpful information about events happening in Sheffield, I would write a piece advertising a pantomime that takes place every year in Sheffield, hopefully interviewing some of the cast. I would also like to do something for the students of Sheffield, including cheap, nice places  to eat in Sheffield as it may be hard for them to go out for a fancy meal due to understandable lack of money.

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