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Throughout the first 7 units I have developed a lot of skills that I didn’t have before. I am now able to use software such as InDesign and adobe Muse, which will be a huge help when I complete my FMP as I will be able to use all of the skills I have developed. Other skills I have developed would be in photography, I know now the basics of what makes a good image. I’ve learnt all about depth of field, the rule of thirds and white balance etc. I have also improved my writing, being able to write according the the audience.

Project concept 

For my FMP I will be creating a magazine front cover and two double page spreads. The genre I have chosen is lifestyle. I have decided to do a feature on vintage home decor and a advice section on books.  Throughout the project I will be referring back to my research and adding to it as I will need to develop more knowledge throughout the process.  A large portion of the home decor feature will revolve around photography as I will be taking images of the products and then putting them into a collage layout, possibly labeling where they are from and how much they cost. For the book advice section I will be focusing more on the text design. This is because I want my magazine to have a variety of things that are focused on, not just one aspect. The front cover of my magazine will have a main focus image of a room, which will link to the main feature. I will also be using a professional camera to take the images as they need to look as professional as possible.


To evaluate my work I will look back on everything I have done to see if it was a success, I will do this continuously throughout and log it in my reflective journal as it is important to keep up to date with my work and see if it is working.


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