Planning & research

The first thing I had to do before making my own website was research. The idea of creating the website was to have somewhere where I could display all the work I do in an interactive way and by doing this, I will be developing technical skills. The first thing I did was look at other websites and the technical aspects, how it generally works, and its purpose. You can find this piece of work here. For this, I looked at the features that were commonly used within websites and how easy they were to use. The next thing I did was a comparative analysis of two websites. This helped me to understand how different websites cater for different audiences needs and the purpose of them.

After that, it was time to start planning my website. The first thing I did was research the different types of layouts my website could have. Having the visual examples really helped because it was a good look into what my website may look like when it was finished. Once this was out of the way I started really planning my website. The first thing I did was create templates on adobe muse of the different website layouts. Once I had decided on the metro design I deleted the other templates and create more templates such as text, gallery and video which then linked the the home page. Over time I gradually started adding more and more content, I found this easy but time consuming because of the technicalities. You had to add buttons, slideshows and videos but after a while I picked it up and understood what I was doing.  I felt as though I was managing my time well but I also knew that if I tested out the software in more depth earlier, I could’ve saved more time.

The Product

I do think my product is fit for purpose as it is somewhere where I am able to display all the work that I do. I also think the product follows the appropriate cords and conventions. For example it had the menus to navigate the whole thing. It also had images for visual interest and videos for visual and interactivity purposes.

The technical quality of my work all worked well. I had images and when you clicked on them, it sent you to a piece of work that was relevant to that image. When you hovered over them, they lit up to make it known that they linked to something.  I also had a slideshow of images on my gallery page and YouTube videos on one of my pages, so they would play on the page instead of taking the viewer to the YouTube website. I developed various technical skills when creating the website, more so on the interactivity aspect including things like hyperlinks and rollover effects.


I received audience feedback from people who were my target audience and they said that everything featured on the website appealed to them, which was good because I was writing about things that I enjoyed, and they enjoyed it too. They also said that the interactivity of it all worked really well and it was easy to understand and navigate. As for visual elements, they said it all tied together and looked appealing to them, and something that they would want to use. I agree with this feedback but I also think if I was able to do this again, with more time I would make the website more creative and professional looking.