Because we were going to be creating a radio news bulletin, the first thing I need to do was plan. My action plan was to gather some important news stories that were big in the news at that time for the first two and then have a softer news story for the last one, something that was more light and feel good. The next thing we planned was which story we would want to interview somebody for. The story I was going to use changed, here is a link to my story sourcing.

When going out to do the vox-pop, we worked in groups because it was more convenient. The question we asked was “Do you think the sale of sugary snacks and drinks should be banned in colleges?” we got a wide variety of answers, from different people.

Another thing I needed to do in order to be able to create the news bulletin was research. I used sources such as BBC news and ITV Calendar. This helped more so on location grounds, because we were able to see what news was being most talked about in the UK. The main thing that I obviously used the research for was to find my stories, I looked at the top stories or the ones that appealed to me and ones that I thought would appeal to sound radios target audience.  Another thing I used my research for is how the news broadcasts incorporated the 5ws into the news bulletins. These being why, who, what, where and when.  I carried out research whilst I was creating and editing my script too because more information on the story may have come out that I needed to include. I do think I did a good amount of research, as it helped me to complete my work to a level that I was satisfied with.

I also re-visited my work on The UK radio industry. This helped  with seeing how different radio stations spoke/wrote for their target audience and how I should write my news bulletin regarding on who my target audience was or what the topic of the stories were. It also helped to gather an in depth target audience description.

The Product

I believe that my final product is fit for purpose because it is their to inform people on the stories I had chosen, the news in general and it does that well. It follows the appropriate codes and conventions. One of them being the 5ws. Another one that it follows is the hard (serious and important) and soft news (lighthearted). For example my first story was hard news, the second story was something softer but still appropriate and important and then the news bulletin ended with a soft news story. My news stories were also short and to the point, a convention that is important in news stories as people want to hear the news with all the information, but as quickly as possible. One thing that I made sure to do when recording the script was pause after each point I made, this meant that the audience would have a second to take in the information and acknowledge it and it also meant it was made easier to edit on GarageBand. Another thing would be the vox-pop, although not all radio news bulletins may have them, a lot of them do. The jingle used at the beginning and end of the bulletin could be classed as a convention as it is something that every radio news station has.

I think my technical quality could be improved, because some parts seemed to sound like they were taken in different locations, even if they weren’t. I also found that I held the microphone too close, so you were able to hear me blowing air when I spoke. Technical skills that I developed whilst creating the bulletin would be the ability to edit audio using GarageBand, before this I didn’t really know anything about it but now I do and I find it quite easy to use.

I think my bulletin appeals to the target audience because even with the stories being vital and not usually something they would listen to, I included a story that they would like and the jingle was also something aimed for a younger target audience.

Audience feedback

The news values of my story were good, people said that my stories were in the most engaging order that they could be and it was good that I got the hard news in first and ended on a more light-hearted story.

They said that my style was formal but not in a way which was intimidating and the language I used was simple enough for the audience but still taken seriously and easy for them to understand.

In my feedback most people said that the technical side of my work was good, but there were a few things that I needed to work on. As I expected, they picked up on the fact that I held the mic too close. Aside from this they said that my bulletin was a good pace, good for cue ins and outs and the pauses were good for the audience to keep up with the stories.

With my language and presentation, they said that the pauses and language made it easy for them to follow my story and take in everything that was being said.


If I was to do the planning again, I wouldn’t really do anything different. This is because I believe it was quite effective, especially helpful for myself. Because of this I was able to reach the deadlines and found that I managed my time really well. There was also no restrictions within my work, I often had access the equipment and software that I needed.

If I was to do research again, I would research things like how radio presenters speak and address their audience. Another thing I would look more into would be the interviewing process, this is because all I did was think of a question to ask people and then went out and did it, to make the experience easier or better I would research how to improve on the approachable methods and how to be more comfortable within that situation.

If I was to do the product again, I would keep in mind ways to record the audio, like holding the microphone further away from me and being in a better location so thee were no echos.


My news bulletin: