In order to record my news bulletin, I used a zoom microphone and my script that I had already wrote and had prepared. I made sure to find the quietest place that I could, which ended up being the stairwell as everywhere else that I tried was too loud.


When preparing to record the audio, I went over my script various times to make sure that I didn’t struggle to say any of the words because if I did, I would have to change them to something more convenient.


One difficulty I faced whilst recording my audio was stumbling on certain stories, this either because I had a shortness of breath or I read the words jumbled up. To solve this I either paused for a while, started again or ended the recording and started again. Another problem was, at the beginning I took a breath and it was too close to the microphone and I then said “good afternoon, I’m Abbie” instead of “I’m Abbie Akers” To solve this I again, simply re-recorded it.