What are some of the main issues related to general internet usage? 

1. People become addicted to the internet and therefore spend a lot of time on it, it becomes a part of their day to day life and sometimes they don’t even realise. People will often admit that they are using the internet more than they think they should, but wont do anything about it. Everyday people use their mobile phones and computers to connect with people over the internet. Checking the internet becomes the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing we do at night. Internet usage is often put in front of connecting with people and reading a book.

2. here is a lot of information at our fingertips, it doesn’t take long for us to get hold of this information and therefore we are quick to believe anything it is that we read. We know too much and understand too little. The data that is on the internet becomes overwhelming and we always take to search engines to go about our daily life, we will ask the simplest questions without thinking just because of how quick we will get an answer. Because the internet is so reliable we exaggerate what it is giving us.

3. When using the internet our privacy is under threat as well as everybody else who uses the internet day by day. We are constantly tracked on what it is we are doing and what sites we are looking at. The things we do on the internet give a great insight to our lives, so people really do more about you than you may think. People now start to fear what it is that they have already shared on the internet, because now it is out there, it is not exactly private to them.

4. Internet crime is becoming a bigger problem than actual crime. People think they are more safe to commit crimes behind a computer screen. For example, there are cases of child pornography, images shared of child abuse, online bullying, racial slurs, rape not being taken seriously and this causes police to become overwhelmed and unable to deal with a large majority of these cases online.

What percentage of the worlds population use social media? 


Facebook: 1.3%

Instagram: 0.54%


What are some of the main issues related to social media? 

Online bullying. This is a very big problem with social media these days. Many people will sit behind a computer screen, send hate and hurtful comments to people on the other side of the screen, this may be anonymously or not and it may also occur in person. The biggest thing that causes this is because it is so easy, which is not a positive thing. The fact that people are able to send these comments without possible consequences is ridiculous.

Communication skills. It has become obvious that people who use the internet more than others may be lacking in their social skills. In the real world you go about and learn more and more about how to work with different people and how to deal in different social atmospheres, because people get so caught up in social media, they may find that they lack on this kind of thing.

Mental health issues. Research has shown that social media has a large influence on mental health in young people. When teens especially deal with mental health issues, they seem to use the internet and social media sites more and more trying to help to feeling of loneliness but by doing this, they are isolating themselves further.

People often seem to be living their lives through their phones. When walking down the street, at school, work, or somewhere even more social, you will notice that everybody is constantly using their phones. This may be to upload pictures to snapchat, tweet something or update a status. Other times it may just be scrolling through these social media when they’re bored, even when there are so many people around them to talk to and things to learn and enjoy. At a concert, for example, people are constantly taking pictures or live tweeting the whole thing. This is not being in the moment and enjoying something while it is there, which is what life should really be about.

What are some of the legal and ethical issues with social media?

Copyright is a very large issue on the internet. Copyright is there to protect original work and makes sure that it isn’t used by another and passed off as their own. If someone finds that their work is being used by somebody without permission, they are able to claim against them.

Cyber Crimes are becoming more and more of an issue on the internet. It is a lot harder deal with and solve crime on the internet, because of the fact that it is done through a computer, and some people can clear up their tracks fairly well. One very common online crime is Phishing. This is where an email, that looks and feels official when you read, saying something is wrong in a plea to try and gather some of your personal information and cause you problems. Bank details are often gathered by phishing. Identity theft is something that can happen later from something like phising. This is where somebody uses all you information etc to commit various other crimes.

Is there a regulatory body (such as Ofcom) that regulates the internet?

Due to the amount of content on the internet, it is important for it to be regulated. Our time on the internet is monitored and people, understandably, have different opinions if we should be monitored or not or if it should be limited. The Internet Services Providers Association consists of four groups; Broadband, Content Liability, Internet Safety and Law Enforcement. Service providers regulate the internet most of the time, they block websites that they may think are negative or fit into these categories; drugs, alcohol, pornography, self harm, cyber bullying and obscenity.


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