My favourite website: Lush Cosmetics.

The purpose of this website is for customers to browse and possibly buy the products online without going in-store. Having a website is useful because it means you are able to look at the products you may want to buy, before going out to buy them or you can just buy them quickly online if you don’t have enough time to go to the shop and purchase them.  It is also useful if you don’t have a store near you.

The target audience for this site would be mainly females aged 13+ as it sells things like Body, Hair, Face, Makeup and perfume products. Although the products are not mainly for females, males can use them too as a lot of them are unisex. The audience will have a great interest in Beauty products and skin care. The products are available in both UK and America which means people within various different locations will buy the products. People of various different socio- economic status’s and ethnicity will also buy the products. People who believe in animal rights will also shop here as lush is very well known for being cruelty free.

I really like the layout of the website, this is because it is fairly simple but fun. The black and white colour scheme with the pops of various colours from the fonts really makes it look like a professional but exciting website/ shop. I also like how the website layout and colours aren’t too overwhelming and even though it is appealing, all attention is brought to the products.  On the website they include images of the products they sell and when you click on that product, there are videos of how to use whatever it is they are displaying. Another thing that the website has is articles, this enables you to read more into what the company are about and how their products are made. The products are neatly sorted into different categories so this makes it easy to navigate the website and find exactly what it is you’re looking for. Underneath the products there are reviews, this is helpful to the customers as a lot of people rely on the opinions of others to decide weather they will buy and try the products. There is also a section on the website called ‘shops’ this helps you to find the nearest stores to you. Lush also features links to their forms of social media every so often such as twitter, instagram etc.


Contrasting website-

I chose this website because it has a very different purpose to the Lush website. It is used for quite a few different purposes such as entertainment and news. People are able to play games, watch the news, get the latest news on the TV shows that they watch on CBBC. This is useful so that you can stay up to date and never loose track.

The target audience for this website would be children around 6 years+ a that is who watches the programme usually. Straight away when you look at the website, it becomes clear who the website caters for. There are more images than text and I feel you definitely have to go searching for the news if you want it, its not just there for you to browse and look at, although its not straight away in your face, it is there. Viewers of the page are given options as to what they want to click on and look at, the headlines and just what thee feature is called will determine weather someone looks at it or not. The images also play a big part in this, when you get on the website there is a lot of options of things to look at and it is quite colourful, compared to other news websites that use moderate colours to make sure there are no distractions. The gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status for this website are all neutral, you don’t have to fit into any type of category, stereotypical or not. However, this location for people using this website would be the UK because that is where it is based.

You are able to tell that this website is meant to attract a different type of audience to the lush website, but not to an extreme measure. I feel young people who use the lush website, will also use this website at some point, weather it be at school or at home. One reason why it is completely different is the purpose, this is meant to inform, educate and entertain etc where as the lush website is meant to promote the products and allow people to buy them. Another difference between the two websites is where it is available, lush is available within the UK and America, however CBBC is only available to people within the UK.