Vox pop interviews.

To carry out the vox-pop interviews, the first thing I had to do was decide on the story that I wanted to interview somebody for. After I had decided i had to come up with a question that would be able to relate most to the students around the college. I then went out, approached people, asked if they were comfortable answering a question and being recorded.

The only problem that I was faced with whilst doing this was uploading the interview to the computer. In order to overcome this we asked for help and it was quickly resolved. At first we were in a classroom that just had PC’s and because of this we were unable to upload the audio anyway because it didn’t have the correct software.

Due to the fact that it was the first time I had done something like this, it was difficult at first to approach someone but after had done it a few times, I found it more and more easy and I became a lot more comfortable. I also had to make sure that I asked people of different age ranges so that it was a balanced vox-pop.

The key rules when writing a radio script.

The 5 W’s- Who, What, Why, When, Where. These are an important part when writing a radio script. This is because when you are presenting the news, you want to answer the most important questions first. Something you must avoid is abreviations. This because not may people are up to date with the knowledge of abbreviations. Another thing you should do is write the words down how you say them (phonetically)

Sound Radio script template

Cue in: Good afternoon, I’m Abbie

Junior Doctors across the country are striking today over changes to their contract for the first time in 40 years. This is the first of three planned walkouts with hopes that it will make an impact.

OUT WORDS: make an impact

DURATION: 11 seconds

The Government is imposing a 20% tax on sugary drinks and snacks in hospital cafes.

The tax is to combat obesity in the UK and has been backed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

We asked students and staff if there should be a ban on the sale of sugary snacks in colleges

Lilly Turner, 18, a public services student at Hillsborough said ‘…’

OUT WORDS: at Hillsborough said ‘…’

DURATION: 22 seconds

Ellen Degeneres has landed herself a spot on UK television. Fans across the UK were left very happy after starting the trend on twitter hashtag ‘get elley on the telly’. The show is set to start on the 18th January 2016.

OUT WORDS: 18th January 2016

DURATION: 14 seconds

Cue Out: This is Sound Radio

How I improved my script.

The first thing I had to do was make one of my stories shorter and tick the 5w’s off first. I also wrote a few words how i pronounce them.