To plan our video we will be creating a storyboard in able to show what shots we will be using and how the subject will be positioned. To get ideas for this we will be researching various different storyboards and taking the ideas into account for when we create our own.


This storyboard is very detailed with everything from the drawings and the description, but still easy to understand and you are able to tell what is going on. Within each frame there are notes on what camera shot it will be, what will happen and the name of what shot it is exactly.

The first shot is a wide shot, the second is a close up, the third is a medium close up, the fourth is another medium close up, the fifth shot is a close up, the sixth is a mid shot, the seventh shot is a wide shot and the last shot is a overhead shot.

Using a storyboard to plan the video is a really good idea because it saves you a lot of time. For example if you were to go somewhere to shoot and only have a limited amount of time you will be calm and organised because you have previously planned it and have made sure that you will know what to do the moment that you get there.


This storyboard has a different intention to the first one. This one is to show how a product made by a company will be used. It uses text notes underneath to show a stereotypical lifestyle of a women and her child, and how the product can be used in different scenarios.

storyboardsThis storyboard doesn’t have any notes about the type of shots are used or about what is happening, what the people are saying and or thinking. Although it doesn’t have any of those things, the drawings are quite detailed and you can tell from them what is happening . From what you can see, a boy goes out for a ride on his bike whilst his mother is at home cooking his tea. Whilst he is out, he realises the time and starts to race home so that he can get home in time for tea. the drawings also show what type of camera shots they should be.

Camera Shots 

There are a wide range a different camera shots/angles that are used when recording. This is because the shots are able to make you feel different feelings, the also allow you to see more or less than what the subject can.