For this we had to look online and find two websites that we found interesting. After we had done some research I chose one that is used for entertainment purposes and another that I found interesting.

Fun website – draw a stickman.

This website is for entertainment purposes. It is used to entertain people when they are bored. Its a creative game where you use your mouse to draw a stickman and follow the story throughout different chapters of the game. I found the website really easy to use as it gives you instructions on what to do and you do exactly that. This website is probably aimed towards a younger audience ad they would therefore find it easy to use, which is good because they want to have fun and not be confused.

This website has a standard menu feature what opens at the side of the page, this lets you select different chapters of the game and to share it. The unique feature of this game would be the fact that you can draw on it. This website has a lot of media, for example the interactivity of it and the fact that it is a type of video that tells a story, but you get to be involved in the story.

Good website- 100,000 stars

This website shows the representation of stars in space. It is used to inform and educate people who are interested and want to learn about it. I found this website very easy to use because you simply use the mouse to scroll, to zoom and click on the stars you want to learn about. The fact that the website itself seems very scientific, it is very easy to use and that is appealing to people was they can learn about complex things very easily.

The website has the standard menus, the ones that appear around the page and provide you with different information. Text boxes appear when you click on the star and informs you about it. The unique feature of this website would be the tour of the universe that it takes you on. The media in this website includes images, interactivity and text boxes there are also hyper links throughout the text which takes you to another website in order to explain what it means.

There are many types of website layouts such as; metro, card, long scroll, cascade, carousel, responsive.