Throughout the practical lessons we will be creating a video between 1- 1.30 miutes. In the video we have to include an interview, action footage and cutaways. We can also include still images and combine them in the video or put them into a slideshow with the interview over it. I will have to take technical considerations into account when shooting the video. For example i will have to think about Background noise, lighting, positioning of the interviewee etc.

Before filming I will have to plan out what I will do and when I will do it. To make this easier for me I will make a storyboard and plan the different shots that I will take, extreme wide angle wide angle, mid shots, close ups, extreme close ups etc. I will also have to create a script so that when I ask the questions, I won’t stumble or forget what to say. I should also make sure to advise the interviewee to take pauses before they answer and not say things like “uhm” or pause throughout so that the audio is easier to edit.

Analysing short videos.

I have decided that I want to do a fashion based video, so when it came to doing the research for it I looked at various lookbook videos on youtube. The videos that I looked at gave me various different ideas.

I also looked at a news video, this gave me the chance to compare both videos, a professional one and a non professional one.

This video was set outside, so that meant that the lighting was natural and it seemed to be on a good day, because it didn’t look bad or unprofessional. This video had somebody talking over it, describing the outfits they are wearing. There was no background noise and  the audio was very clear. The video also includes captions, with details as to where the items are from and sometimes the price of them. there was also background music when she wasn’t talking, which was a nice addition to the video.

News video:

Jakarta attacks: Bombs and gunfire rock Indonesian capital

This video is a more professional one due to the fact that it was created for BBC news. As it is a breaking news story, things like lighting, background noise, shot types etc are not taken into consideration. Although it is not very well produced, it still has a great effect due to the fact that it shows exactly what happens. It does this by showing actual footage recorded by a mobile phone, getting the point across that this isn’t something they could of prepared for. As well as actual footage from the scene, there is a voice over explaining what happened so that the audience do not misinterpret what has happened.