The world wide web:

“an information system on the Internet which allows documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links, enabling the user to search for information by moving from one document to another”

What do I, personally use the web for?


The main thing I use the web for is to socialise and I do this through social media. Everybody these days seem to have some sort of social media weather it be Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. Due to this we are able to contact and remain in contact with people online, and over long distances. The main reason I use social media is to keep in touch with my friends who live far away. Social media also gives people a voice and this is a very special part of it. For example, blogging gives people a voice and helps them to voice their opinions on certain topics and they get to express love for their interests/hobbies etc. This is not only done through blogging, it can be done through facebook statuses and tweets etc, it also gives other people a chance to write back to those people and voice their opinions too.


This is another main reason that I use the web. When im bored and have nothing else to do, I turn to the web as a source of entertainment. this links to social media, for example I will sit and scroll through twitter and read various tweets. Another main thing I do is watch youtube videos. This is a very popular and large website where people share videos and we watch them, you can also subscribe to certain channels and it makes it a lot easier to use as a form of entertainment. Another form of entertainment on the web is watching movies or films through netflix etc.


The web is full of information so it it makes sense that whenever we need to research something, we turn to the internet. We search for things like phone numbers and contact emails, something we would previously find elsewhere like in phone books or home phone number diaries. But, the web is so much easier to use, the information is literally a click away after you type in whatever it is that you need.


I use the web to buy many things, such as clothes. This is because the web has made it so much easier to buy things, without the struggle of leaving your house and braving the busy atmosphere. With a click of a button and entering your details, you are able to buy things you need/ want and have them delivered to your home without even having to move. There are various websites that allow you to do this; Amazon, EBay, H&M, Topshop, New Look and Boohoo etc. You are even able to order your food online and have it ordered to your home, websites such as Asda, Morrisons, Tesco etc allow you to do this

Is the web a good thing, or a bad?

the web can be good and bad. The web is a big and wonderful thing that we often take for granted, because we have this thing full of information at our fingertips and often forget how amazing that is. We are able to access so much information and various websites whenever we need or want to. Its really easy to use and people find it extremely helpful to help with their daily life.

Although I do believe there are negatives. People can often feel unsafe on the internet, for example peoples identity may not be correct, it is way too easy these days for people to fake an identity and pretend to be to someone they are not. This can put people is serious danger at different extents. Bullying is also made so easy for people. They are able to sit behind a computer screen and bully someone, making it harder to be sorted out as they can also do it anonymously.

Shopping can also be a problem, it not only takes away the experience of something, it can become an addiction because of how easy it is to shop online. It really is just a few clicks and because of how easy it is, people will do it over and over again, it may then become something they do every single day, maybe even more than once per day and that may lead to problems financially. The experience is also very important, this is because of how shopping used to be. You used to make plans to go shop and buy whatever you liked when you were out, or you might of made a list, it was all still an experience. It now becomes less and less of an experience because the smaller amount of people that prefer to go to the shops to do there shopping, some people just cant bare to face the business.

There are the good and bad sides to the world wide web and internet. We have advanced so much with technology that the www is viewed in a positive light, because of how many people use it. Although it is viewed in a positive light, people are able to view the negatives and undertsand that