I am going to be making a one minute radio bulletin to explore audio production technology.

Junior doctors take strike action



Tributes pour in to rock legend David Bowie


The Ellen DeGeneres Show will start airing on ITV2 from next Monday

http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/35290941/the-ellen-degeneres-show-will-start-airing-on-itv2-from-next-monday 12/01/16

Sheffield Council hits One Direction fans with parking fines


  • Warning for future concerts.
  • After one direction concert, Sheffield council urge people not to park on footpaths at future concerts.

Who ate all the pies? Warmer weather leads to wildlife weight-gain


I have put these news stories in the order of news value. The first story is something very important within the UK right now The second story quickly became the most talked about, due to the popularity of the artist. This meaning that it is important to the public and something that they would want to hear about. The third story is something that has been wanted for a very long time, The campaign to get #ellyonthetelly became a world wide trend very quickly and was ongoing, many people are now extremely happy that it was a success.  The fourth story is a very informative one, especially to the Sheffield public and active users of the Sheffield arena, Valley Centretainment and Meadowhall retail park. The last story is more of a feel good and softer news story to end on.

The three I have chosen to do are The junior doctors strike, David Bowie and Ellen DeGeneres. This is because the harder news will come first and then the more soft and feel good news will be a good note to end on. I have chosen to interview somebody on the Ellen DeGeneres story and how they feel about it finally being on UK TV.