Hearst Magazine UK

They have many jobs in things like;


In this job you are responsible for the development of magazines in print, as well as online, looking for potential advertisers. You are also responsible for building up client relationships. Other things you are expected to do are selling advertising space on the titles and managing accounts, in order to generate new business and revenue.


Within this job you are expected to play a large part in customer service. Things like communication, negotiating etc and you will need to be able to control/ look after a lot of the work that goes into the whole hearst company.


Throughout this job you would have to work with a lot of the latest technology in order to achieve solutions within the work place. This will prove challenging at times therefore you will have to be confident and comfortable within the work that you do. The job will also be largely based around photography where you will have to produce high quality images. You will have to successfully deliver advertising campaigns and improving the campaign performance by observing and analysing campaign traffic.


This is highly based around the visual side of things. You will work in areas like; art/design/picture, beauty, digital, fashion, features, production, subbing and style. These are all the editorial and creative concepts. In beauty you will have to be very up to date with the latest trends and follow celebrities and their latest styles. Within fashion you will attend various fashion shows, style shoots, liaise with photographers etc and you will also interview designers which focus on the latest fashion trends.