Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.25.41.pngWhen I presented my article to the group they had some very helpful feedback to give me. The feedback has helped me to see things I could improve and shown me what people in the age group of the target audience likes and dislikes.

The quality of your article

when talking about this the group said my article was very informative and interesting as it talks a lot about someone they wouldn’t necessarily know a lot about. They liked how I talked about the authors life timeline, as it gave an insight as to how he got where he is now.  They also said to improve my article i should proof read so that I have capital letters in the right places etc.

The relevance of the topic

The group said that my article was very informative, therefore very relevant also. One thing that they said was an issue was the fact that i didn’t mention the Paper Towns book until later on.

The quality of the images- technical and if they fit in with the article

I was told that my images were very good quality, as well as well positioned. The group also said that my reasoning for the images were very clever and suited the article but would be a bit hard to understand if someone reading the article had not read the book or watched the film.


The design, colours, fonts, layout

There is a lack of colour but it doesn’t make it look bad, it gives off a professional look. I was told that looking at it makes people want to read it and the font is easy to read which means it doesn’t complicate things. The layout is also very simple, which is good because it looks like an easy, relaxing read.


The title

The group found a negative regarding the title but also found a positive within it too. They said that having the ‘paper Towns’ bigger than ‘the creator of’ makes it seem that the article is mostly about paper towns, when only a small part of it is (the interview) they also said that having paper towns in a big font will attract fans of the book/movie and make them want to read it.


The main strengths of the article

The main strengths of the article as a whole was the images, the layout, the writing etc. They said that the images were interesting and clever. The layout was simple, which made people think it would be easy to read and relaxing as they don’t have to work out where the text leads to next. The writing as stated before was very informative which would be good for fans of John Greens work, as they will be able to learn more about him.

Main areas for improvement

The things that my focus group said might need improving was the interview. They weren’t very comfortable with how it started with a direct quote and then went into a stated question and answer. They also said i need to work on proofreading more than once.


Overall appeal for target audience 

They said that it is appealing to the target audience but it is more likely to appeal to a primary audience rather than a varied audience as it is more targeted at a certain group of people. This is because of the type of writer John Green is. His work is not exactly something everyone and anybody would try reading, watching etc.