When I was working on my project to create a double page spread I had to think about the different legal & ethical issues throughout the time i was completing it.

Defamation Law.

This was important to think about when I was writing my magazine feature. This is because I was writing about John Green and if I said something wrong I could be at risk of damaging another persons reputation. If I was to do this, which I made sure I did not, the person would be able to sue for any damage that was caused.


For this I had to make sure that if I used any information from the internet, it was not the exact wording of what it was on that site. I would of had to completely re-word it if I had any intentions of using the information.  I also had to make sure that all images I used were my own, and not from the internet. If i was to use another persons work without permission, I would face penalties. This could be anything from 6 months in prison and/or a fine up to £50,000 within the magistrates court. Or 10 years in prison and/or an “unlimited” fine within Crown Court.

Editors code

For this I would have to make sure that any information I got about John Green was not through a breach of privacy. This is because it would be information that he would not want to be known. For example I could not give out his address or hack into something of his as this would be an extreme breach of privacy.