Which magazine genre have you chosen and why?

I have chosen a film/book as the genre for my magazine. This is because I enjoy reading books and then watching the film, to see how they differ. Then I often decide which one I like the best.

What is the aim of your content?

My aim is to inform.  I know that people often want to know if a new film is worth watching or not, and or if it will be a disappointment to the book version, I would want to provide that information to them.

What is your target audience?

My target audience is mostly both genders, aged 16-21.

What skills will apply to produce your copy and images?

I would have to use my journalistic writing skills for my review and blog post, then I would need to use my photographic techniques to make sure I take good, professional images.

Project Concept.

I will be producing three pieces of copy for a film/ book magazine. I am going to do a “book vs film” theme. I will be reviewing the paper town’s book, do an article on the author and interview somebody who has read the book and watched the film. I am going to take pictures of a sunset as the main part of the book takes place during night and I will take another image of a road, to represent the road trip they go on to use in the magazine, as it will tie in well with what the book is about. For secondary research I will be using the internet to find out about john green, for my personality profile. My primary research will be the interview that I do with another reader. I will use the internet as a resource to help with anything I need to know in order to make this the best it could possibly be. My deadline is the 7th December 2015.