Twitter is used in many ways by different people.

  • To express yourself- To share your thoughts and opinions.
  • To socialize – To connect with people; Friends, family and others.
  • To promote- This is often used by companies, celebrities and organisations.
  • Campaigning/ raising awareness.
  • news
  • business
  • keeping up with recent trends/ topics.

Examples of an organisation, company and individual that uses twitter to promote.

Organisation- To Write Love On Her Arms. This is an organisation that uses twitter to raise awareness of mental illnesses such as addiction, depression, self-injury and thoughts of suicide. It is an organisation which aims to present hope for people that are struggling with these things, hoping later they will invest into treatment and recovery. It shows that they are not alone and there are people which can help them get through whatever they are going through.

Company- Starbucks. Starbucks uses twitter to advertise new offers within their company and it is also a place which they can discuss things with their twitter followers. Weather it be

An Individual- Justin Bieber. He uses twitter as a way to promote his music or other projects he is getting involved with. Recently Justin Bieber returned from a break and was about to release a new single, because he hadn’t been in the industry for a while he had to do a lot of promoting, he did this by having various different celebrities take pictures counting down to his new single.

Twitter has become a very important news source. A lot of people use twitter these days to find out the latest news. 74% of twitter users now use it as a news source as well as social networking, daily.

An example of a news story that was broken on twitter is the Caitlyn Jenner story. Caitlyn first came out as a transgender women on twitter.


All these uses of twitter fit into the uses and gratifications theory. This is where we use the media to gratify our need for diversion, Personal identity, Personal relationships and surveillance.

To divert us from our own problems, or just to relax we will often turn to social media, to connect with friends, to express ourselves, opinions and feelings. Twitter also helps us to maintain personal relationships, we can talk and connect with those closest to us.

Twitter is where celebrities promote themselves, and where we, as fans/ supporters of those celebrities, keep in touch with whats going on in their world through surveillance. We follow when new music, films, tv shows etc come out and in general what they are up to, daily. Celebrities on twitter may also help many people with personal identity. This is because a lot of people find what they want to be as people, in celebrities and aspire to be like them in the future. They will buy the brands they do, listen to the music they listen to and try to achieve what they achieve.