I was asked to come up with three different questions that I would ask somebody in an interview. Within the five different scenarios I will becoming up with 3 different questions.

A singer in a new band which has just released a new EP.

  1. Who would you say are your greatest influences that influenced the sound of this EP?
  2. What was your personal favorite track to write and record?
  3. What is the main topic for this EP?

A manager of an animal rescue center which has had a surge of abandoned pets.

  1. What do you think could of caused such a sudden surge of abandoned pets?
  2. Is there any possible way for others to get involved and help with the surge that has happened?
  3. Do you expect to re home many of the pets, if so how will you do this successfully?

A headteacher of a school where 50% of the students have to resit GCSE English.

  1. How has the affected the image of your school?
  2. Has this become a concern for your future students, are parents worried?
  3. Why do you think this happened?

The mother of a teenage girl launching a fundraising campaign to pay for lifesaving cancer treatment in America.

  1. What do you think inspired your daughter to do this?
  2. How are you going to support her throughout the fundraising campaign?
  3. What will the campaign consist of?

The fire chief investigating a blaze which gutted a terraced house in Sheffield.

  1. Is there any further information on what could of started the fire?
  2. Were many people injured?
  3. How could you make people aware on how to avoid things like this in the future?