The class had a debate on film censorship, split into two sides, for and against. We were then set to research about the topic. The points made are listed below:


  • Children will be less violent throughout growing up if they cant buy/use the game.
  • Because we cant always watch over what children watch or decide what could possibly trigger or inspire violent behavior, the censorship will provide protection and protect the vulnerability of children.
  • If i film is censored it is less likely that violent scenes are able to disturb children.
  • If more and more films are violent, the audience will become desensitized to it, therefore resulting in children thinking it is normal.
  • Because age ratings give warning on how violent a film will be, the parents of children will be able to decide if their child could watch it or not.


  • It is the parents decision on weather it is ok for their child to watch it or not.
  • Censorship will not completely stop people from watching the film, it will still be easy to find online and watch without the censorship.
  • If a film is violent, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will influence violent behavior.
  • We should be able to decide what we watch ourselves, later suffering the consequences ourselves if there is any negative affect.
  • Not only is there violence in films meant for older people, there is in 12a and PG films too, which means children will be exposed to the violence in those films, which theaters have said is ok for them to watch.