Going to concerts, you always have to deal with a lot of people around you that you would rather just not be there. People don’t exactly treat the place the way it should be treated and enjoyed like it should, here is a list of the top 10 most annoying people at concerts.

The person that has a sign, that happens to be right in front of your face.

I’d love for the artist/band to see your sign and read whatever it is you want to say, but your sign is in front of my face and I cant see. Please put it away. 

The person that has a selfie stick. 

Why have these even become a concert essential? You could hit someone in the face with that thing. 

The person that watches the show through their phone screen.

I get it. I do, you want to take as many photos and videos as you can in order to show them off to your friends and post them all over social media. But do you really need hundreds that you’re probably never going to look at? You don’t even look like you’re enjoying the show when you’re doing this. There’s always professional photographers at every show anyway, yours probably don’t even matter. 

The one who tries pushing themselves to the front, in the standing pit. 

If somebody is at the front at the start of the concert, they earned their spot. They got there early in order to be at the front, they might of even camped out. So when you are trying to push your way to the front, you’re just annoying the people around you. Accept that you got there a little too late to be at the front and enjoy the show. 

The one that complains about everything. 

This usually occurs at standing shows. They’ll complain about every little thing. If you’re not prepared to get pushed, have your feet stood on, your legs to ache and to be pushed into other people, please don’t buy standing tickets. Someone would gladly be in your position right now, believe it or not. 

The one who constantly shouts out requests. 

Look, I hope that the artist/band will play my favorite song too, but its not our choice. The setlist is already planned and you didn’t get an input, neither did anyone. So stop screaming in my ear for a song that will not be played. Enjoy the show as it is. 

The one who screams at every little thing.

These people will scream at the camera man on stage before the actual concert starts, even if they don’t know who he is. Please be quiet, you get us excited and ready for no reason. Save it for the concert. 

The one who constantly checks and updates all their social media. 

You paid good money to be here. Whats so important on your phone that cant wait? Put it away, enjoy the show and live in the moment. Please just turn it off, its very distracting for the people around you. 

The one who doesnt stand up, totally killing the vibe.

Nobody can completely agree on when to stand up and when to sit dodown. But, when you are sat down when everyone else is stood up, you’re kind of killing the vibe. You do you but standing up to enjoy the concert with everyone else is really fun.

The one who spills their beer all over you.

Im glad you’re having a good time and all but, you just spilled your beer all over me and its not a good look. Please be careful with that cup. Carry on dancing.