Halsey_LA_(2)Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, known to everyone by her stage name Halsey has been on a crazy ride since her debut album BADLANDS was released and came 2nd on the billboard 200 chart.

The singer/songwriter grew up all over new- jersey. This because her parents were so young when they had her, they had to move often to keep money coming in.

Halsey went from living out of a suitcase and sleeping at her managers’ parents house to selling out tickets to her headline shows and opening for big artists like the Imagine dragons.

She is tri-bi, which means biracial, bipolar and bisexual. This is something that she doesn’t ‘identify’ as but just who she is as a person, something she is quick to correct if anyone says otherwise.

Halsey once responded to a tweet that said this is what she identifies as with: “Love you but this is absurd. None of these are things I “identify as”. They are what I am. This is a crude misquote.”

Halsey has never been anything but herself, and her music reflects that. She lives in extremes with an educated mind and a quick tongue.

Halsey is different, this makes her one of the most unique artists on the scene before she even opens her mouth.

She is a very honest person, which she shares within her music. Every song she writes is autobiographical, something she has gone through.

she is an open book – listening to her music is like reading her diary. She writes the truth, wether it be evil or angelic.

Within her ROOM93 EP and her album BADLANDS she is telling a story. Every song will most likely be about something she has experienced herself.

Halsey refers to music as art and says she “fell in love with it.”

“You meet people who want to make art, and then you meet people who have to do it because if they don’t, they’ll go crazy.”  says Zane Lowe, DJ programmer at Apple music beats as he talks about Halsey.

Halsey is a huge inspiration amongst young women, she is extremely successful both online and in person. She makes it known that it is important to love yourself, and others. Her feminist views strike her audience too.

Her album BADLANDS is a concept album, and highly recommended.

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