In photography it is important to go by the rule of thirds. This is where an image, portrait (upright) or landscape is split into thirds. most of the image will be in the two thirds the background in the last third. When taking a picture of someone their eyes will usually be on the line of the top third.

On the left hand side you should make them look to the left, on the right look to the right.

Composition- How we frame an image.


This is a perfect example of the rule of thirds. The women is mostly in two thirds and her eyes are on the top third line.


This image placed the subject of the shot in-between the two left thirds.

After doing research about the rule of the thirds we went off to take our own images. 


I think this is a good first attempt at taking our own images. This is because my models eyes seem to be in the right place. She is also mainly in the left two thirds. This makes a good image because it works well with the rule of thirds.


I also think this is a good image but could be improved. My model is mostly in the middle third. I like that there is enough space above and below my model, so that it doesn’t look as bad as it could do if that was a case.  To improve this I would retake the shot and make sure that my model is placed more in the right third than in the centre.


I think this is bad attempt at a landscape full body shot. This is mainly because of the amount of space above the models head. To make this better I would need to either retake the shot or crop it so there isn’t as much space.


This image works well with the rule of thirds but to make it better I would make her look directly at the camera.