Positive affects of User generated content. (UGC)

user generated content is any form of content. For example; blogs, wikis, discussion forums, posts, chats, tweets, digital images, video, audio files, advertisements and other forms of media. These posts are specifically created by an online user, that then make the content available on social media. Companies use this.

Online users develop content for different reasons like self-expression to personal fame or rewards.

Positives of User generated content.

  1. Gives users a voice. This makes them feel an important part of the whole thing and as though their opinion counts.
  2. It is the upcoming way of communication in today’s generation. This is how things are done and people often feel more comfortable with it.
  3. Improves service, it helps companies to directly address any issues the users face.
  4. Promotion.
    • Positive reviews by other customers and users create a positive word-of-mouth across many different platforms. This is because a user is likely to post on social media too.
  5. feedback. The feedback given will help various other users.

Negatives of User generated content.

  1. Companies give up control to a certain extent

    When they give users the opportunity to post on their sight, it gives the user more control on how the company/ brand will look due to the things these users post.

  2. When reviews are posted, people can say anything so potential customers may be drawn away from buying the product they were hoping due to one bad review.
  3. comments can include offensive language and spam. (this only usually happens if the site is not moderated properly)
  4. Unreliable sources. You may get feedback from unreliable sources that you don’t know whether they are worth trusting or not.
  5. Time consuming. Trying to keep users constantly happy may take up a lot of your time as you are constantly thinking of different ways to make your content better and taking time to do it.

Websites I like the look of. 


I like the way it looks like a blog, which makes it feel like a journal. I like the colours used and how simple the whole thing looks, but in a professional way. I also like how the images of the products are set out, and how they are mostly pops of colour on a white background. Overall i like  the whole layout of the website.


I like how the menu bar is down the side on this website. I also like how the majority of the page is taken up by a slideshow of images. This makes the website look more appealing and makes you want to browse more. I also like how the majority of the websites colour is black but on the left hand side near the menu, there is a pop of colour.


I love how this website reflects the bands image. I also like how the images are so neatly set out and how the colour scheme runs constantly throughout the whole website itself.