In todays lesson we looked at direct and indirect quotes. Below I have wrote out my own news story, taking the information given to me previously. I have managed to use direct and indirect quotes.

A cyclist competitor of six years is lucky to be alive after his collision with a car as a passerby gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Lance Anderson, 26, competitor of the Oxshire Road Race championship was involved in a hit and run crash yesterday.

He was completing a hill climb at Radcliffe Mount when a red Ford Escort came out of nowhere and hit him after loosing control.

The husband and father of one was runner up last year and was hoping to come first this year.

He said: “Cycling is the love of my life”

Mrs Joanne Pinto, who was walking with her sister at the time of the accident witnessed everything.

She said: “It was awful. He was blue and appeared to have stopped breathing.

“But i have had first- aid training. I checked his pulse and administered the kiss of life.

“To my immense relief, after a couple of minutes, he started to breathe and some colour returned to his face.”

Mrs Pinto said an ambulance arrived within minutes. She also said that she later phoned St Mary’s Hospital where she was informed of his critical condition, but they reassured her that the resuscitation had saved his life.

She was also later informed by the police that they had arrested two joyriders and had kept them in for questioning.

Lance’s wife Pauline, 24, later said: “I can’t thank Mrs Pinto enough for what she did. The doctors are optimistic that Lance will pull through.”